Nokia Will Return On 2017 With Two New Android Phone

We all know that Nokia will be releasing Android operating system smartphones along with tablets by the end of this year. But it looks like two more devices of Nokia has spotted on a benchmarking website. Also, the specs were released in the benchmark test. Find out everything about it below.

Nokia has stated that there will be two smartphones released by the Q4 of 2016 with two more mid-range devices. There was evidence spotted on the geek bench via Nokia Power User.

Specifications of the devices which were benchmarked are the Nokia smartphone model no 5320 will run on a quad-core processor with the speed of 2.27GHz with 2GB RAM.

Though there is no confirmed news that this will have Snapdragon 821, But this could be because of the snapdragon peaks at 2.2GHz. However, RAM could be replaced by higher amount because 2GB will not be enough for such high-end processor.

The other smartphone is Nokia RM-1490 and it comes with an AMD a8-5545M processor running at the speed of 500MHz, But the RAM is 2 GB, This is very improper order because for such a low-speed processor 2GB of RAM is too much. So there will be different specs for the final version. Benchmark tests are not official because they are sort of hints for the specs so the final product could have different specs.

There were rumors last month that one of the upcoming devices will have a 5.2-ich display and the second device could have 5.5-inch display along with 2k displays type and with the Z launcher system user interface.

Also, they are expected to come with IP68 certification for protection against Dust and Water packed with Full metal bodies, These two phones will be amazing with the additional advantage of 22.6MP rear cameras

But there is not any confirmed date when Nokia will launch these smartphones Because the company stated that they will reveal some new devices in the Q1 of 2017.

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