Now You Can Get iOS LookaLike Status Bar On Android DeviceNow You Can Get iOS LookaLike Status Bar On Android Device

There are many Android users who want to have iOS user interface but some of them are already tried and the results come not much appreciated because of the status bar unchanged manner.

Android users disappointed with the Status bar issue now it has been solved, Flat Style Bar Indicators can replace the style on your android device and will look exactly an iOS on Apple iPhone device.

To know more about it, we should make you understood that only a rooted device can have this feature, in this tutorial, we will share some tricky way in which you would be able to use iOS status Bar Style on your Android phone using the Flat Style Bar Indicators.

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From below you have to follow the steps and before following the steps please have a look on the features of Flat Style Bar Indicators Module:

  • Change data indicator 4 free themes
  • Change Wi-Fi indicator 4 free themes
  • Change battery indicator 3 free themes
  • Change carrier label style
  • Change clock style
  • Change position of data, Wi-FI, battery, clock, carrier label, alarm, Bluetooth, sound & location indicators left, center, right.
  • Change color of data, Wi-FI, battery, clock & carrier label indicators
  • Data type mapping (for example: DC -> E, LTE -> 4G)
  • Change battery tinting color separately per each level (for example: 0 – 5% -> RED, 0 – 100% during charging -> GREEN)
  • Show Wi-Fi RSSI & SSID

Now follow the steps to get Flat Style Bar Indicator on your Android device Now.

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Step1: Root your Android device, in this tutorial you are required to root your android device so that you can install and run Xposed installer, (Rooting will void your Android warranty, Its on upto you).

Root Any Android
Root Any Android

Step2: On this, after rooting your device you now need to install the Xposed installer on your device, make sure you have sufficient charge on your phone before starting installing Xposed Installer because it will take some time. (Use comment box for additional information on doing this)/(You can even search on Google that how can you Install Xposed Installer on your Android device).

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install the Xposed installer on your device
install the Xposed installer on your device

Step3: Now you have completed all the basic requirements as Rooting and Installing the Xposed Installer on your Android device, Next step for you is to just install the Flat Style Bar Indicators using Google Play Store.

Step4: Now after installing the application as ‘Flat Style Bar Indicators‘ on your device you now need to go to the Xposed Installer to make it enable as you can see the below image to understand the process.

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go to the Xposed Installer to make it enable Flat Style Bar Indicators
go to the Xposed Installer to make it enable Flat Style Bar Indicators

Step5: Now after you enabled the app ‘Flat Style Bar Indicators’ using Xposed Installer you will see the change on your Android top bar network indicator. Now you can edit Flat Style Bar Indicators, go to the application and you will see settings option, from there you can set your desired style for Flat Style Bar Indicators.

Now you can edit Flat Style Bar Indicators
Now you can edit Flat Style Bar Indicators

I hope you have understood today’s tutorial, many of the Android users who don’t want to root their device may be upset with the tutorial, but there are other options available for Non-rooted users.

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For Non-Rooted users:

iLauncher: It is one of the best iOS UI application for Android user, Android users are not required to root their device or installing Xposed Installer. This app basically will make your Android phone as an iPhone, because of its genuine overall look it replicate the iOS user interface on Android device. It will have those feature as tapping on app seems like Zoom-in and Zoom-out.


Download and install iLauncher (for iOS 7)/(for iOS 6)

iSettings: Installing iSettings on Android is also one for the non-rooted users to make lookalike settings from iPhone. It has many icons which will never feel you that you are using Android phone, just install and make it enable, after that, you can see the results on your settings.


Download and install iSettings (Free)

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iLocker: this is also a part of iLaunched, this application developed by the developer of iLauncher, you can use this app also, it is an iPhone style slide lock screen, you can simultaneously install iLauncher and iLocker. Launch the app and make your own settings.


Download and install iLocker (Free)

iPhone Notifications: This application can also work on any android and it doesn’t require any root access. This application has an amazing rating, it has the same feature as UI on iOS original, it monitors and displays app notification in Android phone, even it is free, some of the applications may charge for pro features but still this application is free.

iPhone Notifications
iPhone Notifications

Download and install iPhone Notifications (Free)

The last but not the least!

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Parallax 3D: If you want to add Parallax effect on your Android Home Screen or Lock Screen then you must using this application, this application usually create a 3D effect on your screen, even you can set custom wallpaper (Home Screen/Lock Screen)it will work.

Download and install Parallax 3D from Google Play (Free)

So you have understood in this tutorial that how can you use iOS Status Bar On Your Android Device for Rooted device but we also mentioned some of the applications which can run on non-rooted users, the above application we have mentioned only recommended applications if you want to get more related application then please do visit again

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