Now Even Facebook Can't Track You With This TrickNow Even Facebook Can't Track You With This Trick

We all know that The social networking giant “Facebook” is always keeping an eye on our browsing activity. Even if you are not browsing Facebook they have rights to spy on you and since you have agreed to the terms and conditions of “Facebook”. The time you sign-in, you give them access to keep an eye on your browsing activity. All the spying thing comes from only 1 issue, And that is advertisements.

So in order to find out who is tracking you on Facebook, Here are few steps which will help you in finding out who is tracking you. The tracker is just a bunch of apps which are the third-party. To remove these apps and the ads follow the simple steps below.

1. Open facebook from your browser, And click this option shown in the image below.


2. The second step is, go to settings. By clicking on settings

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3. Find the ads option from the left side column, And click it to see there will be 3 options. I have changed those options to ‘No’. So in your case you need to do the same.


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4. Watch this image in order to change from ‘YES’ option to ‘NO’


5. You have to do the same for the second column. Just select ‘NO’.


6. The next thing is to click this option ‘no one’. If you don’t want your friends to get notified, When you like a page or a product.

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7. The next step is to click on “APPS”. Then click on show all option, By doing this you will see all the apps that have permission to read your personal data on Facebook.


8. Now you should remove the Apps which you don’t want to use, It would be better if you remove all because this is the only way to be fully secure. Now these third-party apps cannot trace you.

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Now you will not have those weird advertisements, all the controls are under control, you can control what you like or what you don’t like if your Facebook account still having those advertisements then just ping us we will make you a perfect another solution for that!

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