Gaming smartphones should have the best available processor during the launch. Going by that, every upcoming gaming smartphones should at least have the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ Mobile Platform racing at its heart. As such, the Nubia Red Magic 5S is expected to have the Snapdragon 865+ and a new report points out of overclocked GPU as well.Nubia Red Magic 5S

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The Co-founder and President – Ni Fei, shared more promotional images of the upcoming Red Magic 5S on which the existence of the overclocked GPU has been mentioned. In fact, no clearcut info on how and to what level the overclocking has been done.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ itself is an overclocked iteration of the standard Snapdragon 865 Mobile Platform. The GPU, Adreno 650 has been overclocked to peak at 675Mhz frequency. Seems, Nubia might be pushing it even further to its limit so as to achieve high-performance graphic processing/rendering which obviously can improve the gaming experience.

As they say, anything excess is poisonous, we have to really see the implementation that Nubia had done here. Also, since performance is considered inversely proportional to efficiency in general, the hit an extremely overclocked GPU can take in the battery is to be seen. Moreover, we have a notion of Nubia going with the GPU Boost technology rather than overclocking the GPU in real. Which means, the overclocking is done at the software-level than the hardware.

We’ve to wait until the official announcement which is set for July 28 to get to know more about the device. Anyway, the device is expected to be a gaming beast and set a new record in the benchmarks.

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