Find Out Why Numbers On Calculator And Phone Are Not SameFind Out Why Numbers On Calculator And Phone Are Not Same

Have you observed any similarity in phone’s and calculators? Well if not then let me help you with that. The numbers, Yes in both phones and calculators the numbers are not arranged in the same way. Now you might be wondering, why? For everything arranged in a machine or an electronic device, there is a logic. And the same thing is applied to the arrangement of numbers in a calculator and phone.

80's the telephones
80’s the telephones

Back in the 80’s the telephones were invented and they were called rotatory telephones. The dialing system was very poor as the user has to rotate each number from bottom to top end of the row with the clockwise angle.

keypad phones were invented
keypad phones were invented

And so on the inventions improved and then keypad phones were invented. This invention made a huge impact in the world of telephones. The dialling process was very easy and users loved it.

As they started to improve the designs the patterns were an issue because the arrangement of numbers mattered a lot. In order to reduce the errors of dailing they did many logical experiments with patterns, And all this happened before the invention of push button phones.

invention of push button phones
invention of push button phones

Experts found that to arrange the numbers in a row or couple of rows by keeping a single or more columns had many possibilities. But in the end, they agreed to the 3×3 pattern since the users were comfortable with it.And then they arranged the alphabets according to the numbers because people would read alphabets with the numbers. Hence they divided alphabets and stored couple of alphabets in a number.

Before this, an experiment was conducted in bell’s laboratory, which resulted that people would like numbers in 2 rows then this pattern was removed to 3 rows.

Find Out Why Numbers On Calculator And Phone Are Not Same

Then after all the changes for arrangements of numbers in the phone, Texas Instruments revealed his own made first handheld calculator in the year 1977. And they arranged numbers 7,8,9 on the top row which was taken as a replica of desktop machines. And in the end the calculators were finalized by 7,8,9 as top row and phone’s as 1,2,3 on them.

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