OnePlus released a new device to the OnePlus nine series dubbed as OnePlus 9RT 5G in China. The pricing starts at 3299 yuan. OnePlus, which has always paid attention to the feel, also did its homework on 9RT. It has a thickness of 8.3mm and weighs around 198.5 grams. The gold obtuse angle frame design balances the weight and feel. Judging from the specifications revealed at the press conference, the OnePlus 9RT is more inclined as a hybrid of the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9R. It is a gaming smartphone as well as a photography device.

OnePlus 9RT Display & Styling!

The device features Samsung’s customized 6.62-inch E4 AMOLED straight screen. It looks similar to a 9/9R on the front. It has an ultra-sensitive touch rate of 600Hz, a refresh rate of 120Hz, and supports video ultra-clear enhancement technology. OnePlus claims that it can double the resolution of 720P and below videos. It uses the self-developed 10,000-level tuning. The light algorithm can simulate natural light.

The device will be available in three colors: Hacker Silver, Dark Matter, and Blue Sky. The Hacker Silver color scheme adds left and right gradient texture design, and diffuse reflection can transition to both sides of the fuselage. It is to increase the gloss of the glass while preventing fingerprints; the dark matter uses the second-generation silk glass, the frosting is more uniform and delicate, and the small flashes are scattered under the sun. The blue sky, which represents OnePlus’ “Green Surprise,” has a more colorful texture through visual inspection.

OnePlus 9RT Processor!

In terms of performance, the OnePlus 9RT uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 888. Since there is a change in the chipset, the internal heat dissipation structure of the fuselage has also been changed. Further, the VC soaking plates, copper graphite sheets, and graphite sheets have been replaced. There are Heat-dissipating silica gel, a metal frame, and five kinds of heat-dissipating materials. 

Officially, the heat dissipation area of the OnePlus 9RT is equivalent to the size of a tablet. The chipset pairs with LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.1 flash memory. In addition, the stability of the network connection has been improved with the “e-sports three WIFI antenna system.” OnePlus 9RT supports 65W Warp flash charging which can charge its 4500mAh battery in half an hour. The charging head that uses the third-party PPS protocol can achieve a maximum charging power of 33W.

OnePlus 9RT Cameras!

The OnePlus 9RT uses the same 50MP IMX 766 sensor (supports OIS) used in OnePlus 9 Pro. However, what differs is that the Hasselblad logo is missing in this device. Based on the flagship sensor, the OnePlus 9RT added a new photography algorithm, “Nighthawk.” As the name suggests, “Nighthawk” is an algorithm which requires for night scene shooting. It can reduce noise and depress high-light parts during shooting, making the overall more transparent.

The primary sensor pairs with a 16MP ultra-wide-angle with a field of view of 123° and a tertiary 2MP 4CM macro sensor. On the front, it features a 16MP front lens that sits inside the punch hole. The video shooting supports DOL-HDR, and it improves the performance of portrait and backlight shooting images. In addition, the OnePlus 9RT also supports full-pixel Omni-directional focus, OIS + EIS video dual anti-shake, and video three-mic tracking focus.

More about the OnePlus 9RT!

OnePlus 9RT is the first device from OnePlus to run on ColorOS 12 out of the box. It supports GPA infinite frame stabilization technology, which can intelligently schedule the game frame rate and game stability. In addition, it also brings support for several new functions such as drama listening mode and PC interconnection. OnePlus said that the OnePlus 9RT equips with GPA stepless frame stabilization technology, which can intelligently schedule and stabilize the game frame rate, supports UI First + IO preloading, and gets certification by Thiel Labs without stuttering for 36 months. At the press conference, OnePlus announced its strategic partnership with Yuanshen. OnePlus uses GPA technology to intelligently allocate resources which needs for scheduling games to achieve a stable frame rate while controlling power consumption and heat generation.

Pricing of OnePlus 9RT!

  • 8GB+128GB – 3299 Yuan (Pre-sale price 3199 Yuan)
  • 8GB+256GB – 3499 Yuan (Pre-sale price 3399 Yuan)
  • 12GB+256GB – 3799 Yuan (Pre-sale price of 3699 Yuan)
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