It’s no secret that OnePlus is gearing up for the launch of affordable TV models in India. Ahead of the launch which is scheduled for 2nd July, two models of the OnePlus TV have been certified by Bluetooth SIG.OnePlus TV

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As per the Bluetooth SIG database, the models certified include a 32-inch model and a 43-inch model with model numbers 32HA0A00 and 43FA0A00 respectively. We may be wrong, but the alphabets “H” and “F” might indicate the resolution. Going by the letters, the 32″ model should sport an HD panel (1366 x 768p resolution) while the 43″ variant might be of Full HD (1920 x 1080p) panel.

OnePlus India has been teasing the TV for a while with the latest tweet hinting of the supposed starting price of the upcoming TV Series. According to the teaser, the starting price could be anything between ₹10,999 (~$145) and ₹19,999 (~$265). But, our gut feeling says the cheapest among the models could cost not less than INR. 15,000 unless OnePlus do some wonders. As in the case with most of the OnePlus products sold in India, the OnePlus TVs are likely to be Amazon India exclusive.

We could get to know more about the OnePlus TVs in the coming days. It has to be seen, how well the upcoming TVs perform in the market. The initial venture of OnePlus in the TV segment had garnered a lot of criticism for its flabbergasting price tag last year. Hope OnePlus gets it right this time by going for affordable TV Series in a price-sensitive Indian market.

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