Recently, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau shed some light on OxygenOS 11 early developments. The company will be releasing its final development preview build on the 10th of August. Then once they move past resolving the issues, they will reach towards pushing its beta builds.

OnePlus's Oxygen 11 to feature Always On Display

Similarly today, Pete Lau posted a video that implicates the new Always-On display that is coming to OxygenOS 11. Technically speaking, AOD has been around for a long time, but OnePlus has always managed to stay away from it. Surprisingly, they decided to implement it this time around. How they implement it, matters at the end of the day. As most of the other OEMs have implemented it for quite some time, OnePlus should have some USP up their sleeves to promote the AOD on OxygenOS 11.

The company teased an AOD theme through the video earlier today. The concept is unique and hasn’t been tried before on any Android device. OnePlus has partnered with professors and students from Parson’s College in the USA to bring exciting Always-on-Display animation.

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Expectations from OxygenOS 11

One of the most requested features is being brought to OxygenOs finally. An AOD theme called “Time” as per the video is supposedly based on the usage of the device throughout the day.

Hold on, there’s more. Apart from the AOD, OxygenOS 11 will also go through some visual overhaul that includes some UI redesign, grid layout and magazine-like UI.

They are also planning to implement a new concept of dark mode, which will not only be based on its usual dark/black background but in a more layered way courtesy of Leandro Li Anzhu, a Dutch design student.

Although, it is too soon to say if this feature will be available to all OnePlus users. Rest assured that OxygenOS 11 should be available to devices starting from OnePlus 6 and above.