5 Operating Systems That You Can Run With Raspberry Pi5 Operating Systems That You Can Run With Raspberry Pi

Who can argue with a $40 computer? Especially one that also forms a good base for electronics projects! I certainly can’t. But the hardware alone is only one side of the story: you still need to run an operating system.

A credit card sized single board computer Raspberry Pi developed for many multi purposes that can be plugged into a tv or computer monitor has revolutionized the hardware industries of computer systems. It can be called a computer even without any accessories.

Raspberry pi chips have made a revolution in the electronics field. A single chip is just only a hardware, we need a compatible powerful operating system with it to do miraculous electronics projects that can be sometimes future. Because now everything runs on electronics and software . Here are five strong operating systems that can be run with raspberry pi.

#1 The Linux OS

Raspbian is the operating system that most suits for the raspberry pi among the three flavours of Linux. Raspbian is a Debian Linux operating system. Raspbian was developed by Raspbian project and later taken by Raspberry pi foundation. this operating system can be directly downloaded from their websites.

There are also Pidora and archLinux a part from Linux which you can try out by a new tool developed Raspberry pi foundation. This tool allows you to select the operating system by image selection during the booting time. the most special feature of Raspbian projects are the unofficial variants produced by exploring users.

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#2 OPEN ELEC Operating System

Open embedded Linux entertainment centre is also a Linux-based operating system that runs popular XBMc open source digital media centre. Open elec is a slimmed and optimized os made specifically for Xbox. the most key feature of open elec is easy installation procedure from the  Linux computer.

Open elec contains very few packages and it is difficult to install other packages independently. availability of add-on selection is much smaller but it offers better performance. open elec is the best operating system for squeezing out the enjoyability of core Xbox experience.

#3  RISC OS Pi By ARM Developers

RISC is a Arm based operating system . it was developed and released by UK based Acorn computers in 1987. it is 1080 pixel graphical user interface  in retro environment. RISC is developed by the designers who actually made arm processor. this shows us the reliability of this os.

The behaviour of this risc os is quite different from other operating systems. since 2012 RISC os pi is used in raspberry pi and available for it. from the viewpoint of beginner RISC os is good fun but difficult to get in.

#4  Kali Linux

Kali Linux is another strong and powerful operating system that can be used in raspberry pi. it comes with an excellent collection of diagnostic and penetration testing tools. besides  it has a great logo also. Running kali Linux in your raspberry pi means that you can have a testing pen with you, by default kali Linux raspberry pi image has streamlined with very minimum number of tools.

If you want to upgrade the installation to standard desktop installation you have to include extra tool by installing kali Linux full meta package. if you are a developer and want to change kali Linux kernel configuration and customize the packages included or any other modifications you can work with the rpi.sh script in the kali arm build scripts on git hub.

#5 Android On Raspberry Pi

yes, you can use android operating system also on raspberry pi. nowadays even marshmallow can be installed in specific raspberry series. it is possible to download different version so android for our chip.

So all the top 5 Operating System that can be installed on Raspberry Pi, Android, Linux, and other OS as mentioned have a perfect capability in using the overall features, but it is sure that not all the features will work perfectly. 5 Operating systems that you can run with Raspberry Pi

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