Oppo Find X Shockingly Fails In Durability Test Here's The ProofOppo Find X Shockingly Fails In Durability Test Here's The Proof

Oppo Find X: If you are a true Oppo smartphone enthusiast, then you might have heard the overwhelming praises for the Oppo Find X, which was released recently, in the previous month. However, you will be shocked to know the durability test results of the so-called long-lasting latest Chinese smartphone. Gadgetsay reporters have got the news which reveals that the latest phone has been insanely failed in the bend test. At, first let’s find out, what made the phone so popular after the launch.

Oppo Find X is all about new innovations and technologies which the Chinese company has used to attract its customers. It is smartly caught with a catchy design presented with an almost bezel-less edge. Oppo has used the riskiest technique to invent the pop-up camera which was previously seen on the Vivo NEX. Although, it is somewhat upgraded compared to NEX which had just one camera with a pop-up module while Find X has both side pop-up set-up.

Find X included Gorilla Glass 5 front and rear panels with a tremendous notch-less display and great camera features and that too at an affordable price tag. Regrettably, the smartphone has disappointed the bend test which was carried by JerryRigEverything, a YouTube channel of Zack Nelson who is known for his smartphone breaking experiments. He has proved that the new risky innovation of the Chinese company has drastically broken with the phone.

Oppo Find X Shockingly Fails In Durability Test: Here's The Proof
Oppo Find X Shockingly Fails In Durability Test: Here’s The Proof

In the video, the phone has gone through three tests to assume the durability of the phone. At first, the scratch test which was successful and the phone got good rank by the channel. It passed the scratch test as it is protected by the well-known Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5. According to Zack, the side portion of the phone is built with metal hence, there’s no doubt in reliability. The rear is built using glass which doesn’t get scratch marks. The camera sensors were also tested and it succeeded.

While on burn test, the 6.4-inch touchscreen display bestows a strong white burn imprint later 14 seconds in the flame. Nevertheless, after the contact with flames, the smartphone was found in full working condition. Based on his previous tests, the phone with LCD panels normally overcome, but AMOLED screen burns white. Finally, it was time for the bending experiment. Firstly, he gives a slender force to bend it and it comfortably turned.

Oppo Find X Shockingly Fails In Durability Test: Here's The Proof
Oppo Find X Shockingly Fails In Durability Test: Here’s The Proof

Zack applied more force and noticed that the phone bent with the increasing restraint. The metal structure is not influenced at large extent, but the breakable AMOLED panel shatters which makes the phone worthless. After some time, the phone gets destroyed. So, in terms of features and presence the Find X is awesome, but when it comes to durability, it is totally worthless. Zack has tested many smartphones in his earlier videos and 90 percent phones comfortably succeed in the equivalent bend test. The Find X phone cannot even survive a single random fall.

Watch the video below:

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