Oppo Find X2 Pro

Last month we witnessed the launch of the Oppo Find X2 pro. Finally, the smartphone is put on the Audio test by DxOmark. The results are amazing, smartphone scores 74 points. The great news is that it ties with the Apple XS Max.

DxOMark, well known for the camera reviews, last year started testing the audios of the smartphones. In the test they judge the playback and the recording capabilities of the phone with a default app. Till now the company has tested several smartphones and, Oppo Find X2 Pro has joined them.

When DxOMark conducted the playback test for the smartphone, they found it is an ideal phone to watch movies and to play games with great bass. Also, the mid-range frequencies do lack clarity, which results in producing muffled boomy sound.

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Oppo Find X2 Pro

In the test of soft volume, the Oppo Find X2 Pro performed outstandingly better than the other smartphones tested till date. So overall, it maintains excellent nominal volume. But at the higher volume, it muffled a bit so, it might not be to the significant mark.

Top and the bottom speaker of the phone create a right balance of audio, but it seems that the wideness is not too good.

In the recording test, the Find X2 pro shows good bass extension ability, a decidedly less sound loss and excellent breadth. It can also show reliable performance in a complex environment.

Still, there is a weaken end at the higher levels of volume in the phone.

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