A couple of day ago, a well-known Weibo tipster showed OPPO’s new lens patent. There is a display screen in the middle of this new type of lens module. It can display the time and date. From the appearance, the recognition of this lens module is quite high. Basically, you can distinguish this unique design at a glance. Today, when the appearance of smartphones is seriously homogenized, the OPPO design looks quite attractive.

OPPO patent

In addition to displaying the time, perhaps this small rear screen can also be used to send information notifications, display missed calls, and so on. In this way, it can make up for the small regret that the smartphone does not have a breathing light. In order to increase the screen-to-body ratio, many high-end smartphones now cancel the breathing light on the front panel. So sometimes we will miss the notifications. With this small rear screen, this problem can be solved.

OPPO patent

In addition, the LetsGoDigital has showed OPPO’s detachable camera module patent. Judging from the current technology, the cost of implementing this technology is too high. But this is a very forward-looking patent. Try to imagine that in the future, smartphones can be assembled yourself like computers; camera modules can be disassembled; processor modules can be disassembled; screen modules can also be disassembled. As long as the production standards of these three important components become unified, the playability of future smartphones will be greatly improved, and everyone can buy the most suitable smartphone.

OPPO patent

Not only that, OPPO, which focuses on ​​selfies much, also has many innovative designs for its front camera. Not long ago, LetsGoDigital disclosed OPPO’s futuristic pop-up front camera design. This conceptual pop-up camera can shoot from two directions through edge and mirror, supports simultaneous front and rear shooting and 360-degree panoramic photography, and takes a higher level of self-portrait function.

In addition, OPPO has a patent for a removable front camera. The relevant design anatomy shows that OPPO has added a horizontal sliding rail structure design to the top of the phone. When the position of the selfie camera needs to be adjusted, the lens sliding can be controlled by the built-in micro motor. Usually, the front lens is fixed, and the position can be adjusted automatically according to the needs when used to meet the needs of multi-angle selfies.

On the whole, OPPO has ample technical reserves in imaging, and has many innovative designs in camera modules and front lenses. As the manufacturing process becomes more and more mature, many of these new camera designs of OPPO should enter the mass production stage, and the video gameplay of smartphones will be more abundant.

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