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The 4th China International Industrial Design Expo opened on December 14 in Wuhan. At this expo, OPPO and the design team Nendo led by the famous Japanese designer Sato Dai showed that “humanity” and “imagination” were the starting point for the conceptual design.

OPPo slide-phone

This time OPPO exhibited the concept design products – “slide-phone” and “music-link”. Both are jointly designed with Nendo. The design creativity of “slide-phone” originated from OPPO and Nendo’s exploration of the pain points of smartphone users. As we all know, people nowadays increasingly rely on smartphones to interact with the outside world. And smartphones are becoming larger and larger due to their increasing functionality.

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The gradual increase in size of smartphones not only makes it difficult to hold, but also reduces the convenience. Based on this, the “slide-phone” adopts a three-segment hinge form, and users can flexibly change the product form according to their needs. In addition, “slide-phone” also has a built-in stylus, which extends the mobile office scene and experience of the mobile phone.

OPPo music link

“Music-link” is a conceptual design focusing on TWS headsets, including smartwatches, AI speakers, portable chargers and wireless chargers. All products in this concept are designed with rounded shapes, showing the affinity of design. In addition, when the TWS headset is locked with the portable charging box and placed on the AI ​​speaker, users will be able to enjoy a seamless music experience from headset to speaker. This multi-device mutual “symbiosis” design and the idea of ​​implementing a portable experience from multiple angles demonstrate OPPO’s consistent human-oriented design concept.

Regarding this cooperation, Sato Dai said, ‘OPPO’s concept has left a deep impression on me. They not only use the latest technology, but also pursue a comfortable relationship between people and products with a human-oriented design concept. I am looking forward to seeing it. The new concepts of the OPPO team, I believe these new concepts will have a good balance between technology and emotional participation.”

Xiao Bo, the head of OPPO Industrial Design Center, said, “Nendo advocates that design is integrated into life. Through design, everyone can feel the surprise moment of life. This coincides with OPPO’s humanistic design concept. Adhering to this design concept, OPPO We hope to empower more users through the fusion of advanced technology and design aesthetics. We believe that only by returning to human nature can technology products have amazing and just right comfort. This is also the starting point of our exploration. In the future, we will continue to make efforts to bring users a comfortable technological experience.”

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