OrionX The Powerful: The gamers are always waiting for a trending gaming gadget. The time has come to reveal world’s most expensive and high-end gaming machine. There are many gaming machines available in the market, but this one is the most incredible machine. This machine is beyond belief and comes at a grand price. The features of this gaming machine are worth its price. Advanced Gaming Computer.

World’s Most Expensive Gaming Machine Available At Grand Price

OrionX The Powerful And Advanced Gaming Computer Ever Made
OrionX The Powerful And Advanced Gaming Computer Ever Made

OrionX is the gaming machine we are talking about. The OrionX is called world’s costliest gaming machine. The fixed price of this machine is $30,000. It is a high-priced gaming system with 64GB of RAM. It packs a 4.2TB of SSD storage along with 20TB of HDDs. Combining the memory, it becomes a total of 24.2TB of storage on the individual machine. The machine has the capability to do almost every tech works.

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OrionX The Powerful And Advanced Gaming Computer Ever Made

OrionX The Powerful And Advanced Gaming Computer Ever Made
OrionX The Powerful And Advanced Gaming Computer Ever Made

When we talk about the graphics card, then you just can’t believe the number of cards it contains. It contains FOUR Nvidia Titan X Pascal graphics cards. The Pascal graphics cards are the strongest graphics card available in the market. Pascal cards come with a large storage of 12GB of RAM :O that is awesome! The total becomes 48GB worth of RAM in this machine.

OrionX gaming machine powered by dual top-tier Intel Core i7 processors. This processor’s set on an ASUSX99 Rampage V Extreme Edition 10 motherboard. So, what do you think, isn’t the features makes it a cool gaming machine?

The experience of the transparent cabinet is extra exciting. It also contains three water-cooling tubes when helps the machine to cope with the room temperature. You need an external monitor which can handle the task of a wild gaming system. So, if you have saved and collected $30,000 to buy something, then go for this massive machine.


  1. Lol that is such a shit pc for the price, not to mention you can’t even play games on that, you might get 5 fps on a modern game (not actually joking, look up micro-stuttering) and the storage is woefully inadequate, it doesn’t cost much, they could have added more. This isn’t a gaming computer at all, since it has dual cpus, at $1,700 each, you would get much better performance with a $300 cpu for gaming. Not to mention the “most advanced computer ever” you DO realize it is using parts you can literally get at the store right? There is nothing about this system that makes it unique, apart from the $15,000 markup from what it would cost to just build it

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