phone answer yes callPhone Answer Yes Call Will Put You In Danger; Explained

Phone Answer Yes Call Will Put You In Danger; Explained

Last year, we came through the much hacking news. Many social media accounts and bank accounts were hacked. Hacking is like a game for the hackers. We know that online transactions are also not safe because hackers steal our personal data’s from it. We can prevent hackers from hacking our accounts and data’s by creating a strong password and by enhancing the security. Most of the hacks are achieved due to vulnerable passwords and security setting. Your phone answer yes call will put you in trouble, just continue reading and you will find why I said that. Answer yes phone call is probably like you are wanting to be in a trouble, don’t answer such calls. Continue below to know more.

You all have heard the word ‘Scam’. For those who don’t know, Scam is a fraudulent idea executed by a dishonest person. Nowadays, in the world of the internet, many scams are taking place like lottery scams, scam baiting, email spoofing, phishing, or demand for an assist. In short, these types of scams are known as email scam. Now the defrauder has come out with a new skill of scam. From this, they are expanding consent to entry in the value or credit card receipts as answer yes phone call put you in trouble.

The aim of the defrauders is phone calls. The motive of this article is to make you all aware of this phone call made by scammers. The scammer calls a person and inquiries “Can you hear me?” and if the person utters “yes” then they get the permission to operate the value or credit card receipts.

The report from CBS News state that Virginia Police is informing and making you aware not to reply to these types of phone calls. Your reply that is “yes” can be used by the scammers for getting your data’s. They record your voice and use it for operating the value or credit card receipts.

The Leader of Consumer Protection for the Consumer Federation of America said that when you utter ‘yes’ it gets taped. They use your ‘yes’ as evidence that you have permitted for something. Most of you think that ending a phone call is ill-mannered, but this can save you from a big scam.

The scammer collects the personal information of many persons from data breaches and makes a list which consists of the victim’s phone number, credit card number and other invoices. The victim cannot prove the scammer wrong because they have your voice recording. They can also ask you some other questions which answer will be yes. It depends on you whether you say ‘yes’ or not. The other questions may be:

Types Of Scam Calls You Might Encounter With; Don’t Answer Yes phone call:

  • Can you hear me?
  • Are you the lady of the house?
  • Do you pay the household phone bill?
  • Do you pay the household bills?
  • Are you the homeowner?

You should not reply to any unknown call. One ‘Yes’ in your phone call can make you suffer a big loss. So, better be careful while receiving any call. Answer Yes phone call is excessively not recommended. if you are not sure what type of phone call is then its better to avoid them, private number calls which are not saved on your phone then its better to receive once and then if you presume any suspicious then just cut the call and avoid those phone answer yes call.

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