Is Pink Whale Challenge A Cheerful Option To Blue Whale ChallengeIs Pink Whale Challenge A Cheerful Option To Blue Whale Challenge

Pink Whale Challenge: Recently, we all have heard a news, about the crazy Blue Whale challenge. We all know, how the challenge has affected the world. More than 100 teenagers were found dead worldwide including the United States and China because of this challenge. It is one of the unusual things we have noticed in the world of internet.

If you are not familiar with the Blue Whale challenge, then here is a brief report. The Blue Whale challenge inspire the users to harm themselves in actual circumstances. Some unknown persons provide directions to the users to complete some silly challenges given within 50 days. The ultimate challenge produced by the unknown people is to commit suicide. This challenge has taken lives of more than 100 peoples worldwide.

Is Pink Whale Challenge A Cheerful Option To Blue Whale Challenge
Is Pink Whale Challenge A Cheerful Option To Blue Whale Challenge

Now, a cheerful option of Blue Whale Challenge is discovered by a publicist and graphic designer. The new option is known as ‘The Pink Whale Challenge’ which is glorious and non-deadly. The main aim of this new challenge is to protect the young teenagers from the evil trick of Blue Whale. Pink whale challenge is trending throughout the internet to support oneself and inspire life rather than committing suicide. According to the members of Pink Whale Challenge, they want to spread the love. The official site posted that “Love can change the world, and it can overcome hate. I believe the Pink Whale challenge is doing exactly that, spreading love and happiness.”

The Pink Whale is also called Baleia Rosa which means a better choice of the Blue Whale Challenge. It is developed by bananadev in Brazil. Similar to its twin brother, the Pink whale challenge offers entire 50 tasks every day which you get in 50 days. Both the challenges are exactly same, but the Pink Whale motivate peoples to live and laugh rather than hurting themselves.

In the Pink whale, the users are asked to tell five things you love about yourself. The users are also challenged to write their beloved name on the skin, but using a pen. Some of the challenges include pardoning someone, show your love towards your family, unblock a friend on social site. The ultimate challenge of Pink Whale is different from Blue Whale challenge. It asks the users to assist someone in need, maybe a human or an animal.

The final task of Pink Whale challenge is to help someone in need, either a person or an animal. It looks like Pink Whale challenge is a very good alternative of Blue whale challenge. This app is available for free on Android and iOS handsets. Let’s look further if Pink Whale challenge succeeds to dissolve the harmful impact of Blue Whale.

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