Play High End Android Games Without Lag With This Special Trick 2016Play High End Android Games Without Lag With This Special Trick 2016

We all love to play Android games, Especially the High End one but sometimes our Smart Phone starts to Lag while playing High-End games , So if you are one of those who is facing this problem then you are absolutely in the Right place.

Today in this tutorial we are going to discuss that How to Increase Gaming Performance on your Android Device So that you can easily play High-end games on a low Specs device.

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Note: If you want to know this directly then follow this YouTube Video

Basically, We are going to use an Android Application that is Android GL Tools. This Android application is basically a is a custom OpenGL driver that is compatible with most popular GPUs and ARM processors. It can be used to change rendering resolution and bit depth, control textures, apply anti-aliasing for better graphics quality, and optimise shades on-the-fly.

During the Time of the tutorial if you find any queries then please feel free to ask us using the comment box and we will get to you asap.

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Things You Need:

1. Rooted Android Device
2. Android GL Tools(Download)

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Step 1: Install and Open Android GL Tools.

Step 2: After opening Android GL Tools ,Tap on The the game that you want to Run.


Step 3: For Next Step, Watch The Video Here:

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