PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: A marvelous video game is very famous nowadays. It is simply a PC game, and is the genre of the movie “Battle Royale.” The “Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds,” is the name of the video game. Till now, this game is incomplete, but still, you can play it by paying just $30. Although it is not complete, it has earned up to $60 million. The developers have sold about 2 million copies of this game till now.

There are 100 people lost on a deserted island having weapons with every person. The goal of this game is to survive until the last person is alive, and the last player will be the winner. You will be provided with one life span, limited ammo and at the same time, you have to face few bullets. It is a suspenseful game, where the player will become crazier to know what will be the next stage.

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According to Business Insider, the game will arrive in video game soon. The director, Brendan Greene said that the “Player Unknown Battlegrounds” game will come for Xbox [One]. He also said that his team is working on both playing comforts that are consoles Xbox [One] and PlayStation [4], but his team is not able to complete both support on time.

At the Bluehole Studios in Korea, the team is preparing for the PC version completed in the next five months. The Xbox One or PlayStation 4 port will be ready soon by the end of this year. Greene also said that “Ports to console is not very difficult,” but Greene wants to use the game engine which was created in “Battlegrounds” that is Unreal Engine 4.

If the game uses Unreal Engine 4 then the game will function on many different platforms like PC, consoles, and mobile. Greene said, first they are looking forward to bring on the PC version, and bring to the other platforms as soon as possible. This game is not available in any other mode for now. This game will defeat all the shooting games when if come to all the devices.

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