Keeping your data safe and secured is something you want to get right as cyber crimes keep increasing. The internet has grown to become a marketplace where a lot of activities are carried out. Hackers are trying every possible means to get through to accounts to either steal data or cause damage. You should stay on top of the game by protecting your data using proven methods.

There are red flags that you should look out for when it comes to safeguarding your details online. Especially when you create a profile online, you are unknowingly creating an opportunity for other people to have access to your presence there. This means that there is a possibility of either an authorized or unauthorized breach of your data. You should stay abreast of this by taking note of the following ways to stay safe from hackers and cyberattacks.

 1. Update Your Software Regularly

Softwares are updated not only to add better features but also to create a more organized defense system. Hackers keep finding different means of getting into people’s accounts and this is partly why you should update your software. It will reduce the rate at which hackers get into your account. 

You can easily set up your computer to automatically download updates when they are available. You should make sure your operating system is running on the latest version at all times. You should in fact not keep any software on your phone or computer running if you have not yet been able to update it yet.

2. Manage Your Password

Passwords are a great means to keep your data safe from hackers. You could use a Password Manager to generate passwords for your different accounts and also keep them safe. Using a manager doesn’t mean you should use the same password for all your accounts, that makes the work of the hacker easy. Why should managing your password wear you out when you can easily use the password manager to get and secure a password? 

The manager also helps in storing very confidential details such as your credit card or bank details. You don’t want this important data to fall into the hands of a hacker. All these are secured with one password that’s safely secured. You should also ensure you do not use a password that can be easily guessed from your public data like your birth date or that of your loved ones as this is where hackers start their attempts from.

3. Don’t Use Public Wifi For Important Transactions

While public Wifis seem like a good offer you should grab every time you have the opportunity to, you should be careful of how you use them. Public Wifi can be a tool that hackers can use to get into your account. When you connect to wifi, you give that source access to your account and data. To stay safe, you should not carry out important activities such as entering your credit card info while on public Wifi. 

It is safer to use a secured internet service to carry out transactions on any of your accounts or devices. Hackers can create unsecured wifi and name it after a popular source such as an airport. When you see a WIFI showing up on your phone at the airport, bearing the name of the airport, of course, you would want to trust it. Notwithstanding, you should reduce your data input when connected to a public WIFI regardless of the source.

4. Reduce The Need to Share Your PII

If it is not necessary, you don’t need to share it. PII, the acronym for Personally Identifiable Information,  is information about your identity, where you live, your contact, your family information, and every information related to you. All these data can be used by hackers and cybercriminals to commit identity theft and get vital information or even carry out some malicious activities that can be destructive. 

Don’t be fooled to think that hackers are those who wear black hoodies and sit behind computers all day trying to make hundreds of password guesses. This is not entirely true as hackers and cybercriminals can also be that stranger that has tried to talk to you and ask for information you think are not too confidential to share. They can make use of the tiniest bit of information about you to get your profile. You should reduce the rate at which you share details about yourself with people you don’t know. While this may make you seem paranoid, it is better to do this than risk your safety to these hackers.

Cybercriminals get creative every day just to get through to people’s accounts. They literally make it their business to find a way to get through to people’s accounts. You should also make it your business to keep them out of your devices. You need to match up to their level of tenacity so as to be able to keep them away from you.

Terry Ts

By Terry Ts

Focusing China's mobile phone and electric vehicle market, senior automotive media reporter.