Pokemon Go Fest Update Challenge Times Changed SlightlyPokemon Go Fest Update Challenge Times Changed Slightly

Pokemon Go Fest Update: Pokemon GO Fest Update, Niantic update will have a few more Pokemon GO challenges enabling players to play together, thus in front of the meetup, the game developer made an infographic to advise everybody of the test times. In any case, it appeared that somebody messed up and the game developers has now been compelled to redress its underlying planning data.

The underlying challenge times were recorded as 11AM – 11:30AM, 12PM – 12:30PM, and 3PM – 3:30PM (all CDT times). In any case, the Pokemon GO Fest has been now updated as per the report from the official page to eagle-eyed fans. The challenge that was at first set to occur between 12PM – 12:30PM will really be occurring between 1PM – 1:30PM.

Pokemon Go Fest Update Challenge Times Changed Slightly
Pokemon Go Fest Update Challenge Times Changed Slightly

Answering to Pokemon GO fans on Reddit network, the team member from the Niantic affirmed that the developer had without a doubt changed the time on the infographic which was excepted from the other members too. The developer hadn’t rescheduled the challenge yet as per the post indicates, hence the incorrect time shown was dismissed and replaced with the edited image to fix the timing part of the challenge and event.

The schedule change may appear to be inconsequential and some fans may ask for such a whine about, however, the disarray about timing could really be a major ordeal. As Niantic described in the enormous Pokemon GO unbelievable declaration yesterday, the Pokemon GO Fest challenges straightforwardly tie into the uncovering of the incredible cartoon animals. The difficulties will see players everywhere throughout the world play together with those going to the Fest in Chicago.

Pokemon Go Fest Update Challenge Times Changed Slightly
Pokemon Go Fest Update Challenge Times Changed Slightly

This is for sure that the developer in an announcement did not reveal that what might happen to the player if they were unable to work together to complete the task or challenges successfully or what might happen if the player cannot unlock the final challenge. It is said that the player may not get the legendary Pokemon if they fail to unlock the level. The followers had asked for the feature Pokemon in the game but the developers argue not to release it to the players who don’t earn the level.

In the event that players are befuddled about when the challenge to start, at that point quite possibly the players may not win the legendary unlocks. This is additionally why many fans on Reddit are lamenting the way that Niantic has not re-discharged the intel on other web-based social networking sites. As of the season of writing-up, neither the authorized officials of Pokemon GO Twitter or Facebook pages have disclosed the conditions to fans.

So this is the Pokemon Go Update which you will love to take part in this fest, hope you are well aware of the legendary challenges to take place in an event of Chicago.

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