Top 10 Tips & Tricks Of Pokémon Go In 2016

Pokémon Go becomes the world’s most successful game having thousands and millions of users, this is an amazing game of the year 2016. The popularity is the game attracts more smartphone games. But today we are going to reveal the hacking tips and trick of this game which you never heard of.

The trick will help you to better your gaming experience in Pokémon Go, it will help you to catch more Pokémon in the easiest way in huge numbers.

Currently, Pokémon go is the worlds most popular and trending game, recent news from the global platform claim that million of apple users started playing the game and more importantly they are spending more hours on the game.

The game is really addictive to all, its been almost 2 weeks since the launch of the game and within a short span of time it gains millions of users, perhaps the users seeks tips and tricks to run the game in a better way. This tutorial will help you to boost your gaming experience with given tips and tricks below.

1. Catch Pokémon In An Effective Way

Its true that you must be facing problem to catch Pokémon in a fast and effective way but here is the trick to catching it faster so that you can’t lose it again. Just long press on your Pokémon and wait for green vibes to come out as that would be the best time to hit the Pokeball.

2. Move To Any Location Without Your Movement

Yes its true that you actually hacking this game, spoofing a way to GPS so that you can go anywhere in the world as per your wish just need to get your device rooted, if you have another Android smartphone then Root it and the use the Fake GPS Location Spoofer, this method will help you to go anywhere in the world without visiting just to catch Pokémon.

3. Get Pokémon Faster

It’s well-planned game in which you need to follow your GPS to find the Pokémon . To get more Pokémon you need to visit any market place where maximum numbers of cellphone traffic you will find. You just need to visit crowded places such as Parks, Public Spot, Markets, Mall and etc. The reason of this you will get lots of Pokémon to catch and you will earn more points.

4. How To Get Pikachu At Starting Point

At the starting point you must be dreaming to get Pikachu as your Pokemon, then you must follow that how to get Pikachu at your starter point. When you start the game at first you will see the game is offering three Pokemon you need to ignored them to find the fourth one and then move on to another location and soon you will find your Pikachu as your fourth Pokemon.

5. How To Get More Pokecoins For Free With Google Opinion Rewards

Pokemon Go hidden secrets are also the hidden rewards that anyone can get that easily but they just need to know the trick, users just need to download Google Opinion Rewards from Google Play Store, this will help you to store your credits and you will get credits from the game as well as from the application so that you can use those credits to get Pokemon Cash without spending actual cash from your wallet.

6. How To Recover Missed Pokeballs

As you know that there are a limited numbers of Pokeballs, if you missed then it will be hard to find any Pokemon so better you follow the below tip so that if you ever missed your Pokeballs then you can recover that, if you have missed the Pokeball then quickly you need tap on the Pokeball until it’s visible and sooner you will see it’s been recovered and you didn’t lose your limited number of Pokeballs.

7. Most Effective Way To Catch More Pokémon By Turning Off Camera

Turning Off your camera is one of the greatest forward steps to your achievement, if you stop your camera to run then you will see plain lands and it will be quite more visible and helps to catch more Pokémon. It will also allow you to play more time because turning off your camera will save your battery.

8. How To Get More Incense

It is sure that you will be run out of your Incense, you will try find out to get Incense so that you can continue your playing game, in here we have a trick so that you can get lots of Incense, you just need to visit your nearest most populated Poke stop, on that place people might lure module and that is the only place you can find and get your Incense in easiest way.

9. How To Find All The PokeStop

As you know that the game application itself having a map feature from where you can find the pointing Pokestops all over the globe, you can reach to them and get fill ups and your new Pokémon too.

10. Most Effective When You Play Pokémon While Travelling

As the most users recommended playing Pokémon while traveling is 100% chances that you will get more new stuff every day and every moment, it will help to increase the collection of your Pokémon GO.

Hope these top 10 tips and tricks will help you on your way to play this trending and wonderful Pokémon Go game. If you wanted to sell your game then also you can sell it to others as using Ebay.

The Pokémon Go With Top 10 Tips & Tricks 2016 will enhance your gaming experience in a greater way so that you can reach your destination, more over this game will also help you to visit many unknown and new palaces all across the world. Hope you enjoyed the article.

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