Now Pregnant Women's Are Becoming Victim Of iPhone7 BlastNow Pregnant Women's Are Becoming Victim Of iPhone7 Blast

This true story is of Western Sydney where a pregnant woman named, Melanie Tan Pelaez got second degree burn from his iPhone7. The phone was charging and she was watching movie on his iPhone7 when she falls asleep. She left the phone on her arm while she was sleeping.

Suddenly she woke up and realised that her arms were full of red marks and she was in severe pain. Then, she quickly consulted a GP for the dressing of the burn. And the GP told her to immediately go to the hospital. She went to the hospital.

After some tests, she came to know that the red marks were of burns and it was because of a foreign device. Then she noticed that the shape of the burns looks like the shape of his phone. Then she went to her home and she was confirmed about the cause of the burn.

Because of her carelessness she has to pay a huge cost. Apple phone has a feature i.e. if the phone is charging it get heated up & if get overheated the phone automatically switches off. But in Melanie Tan Pelaez case this didn’t happened because her phone was having a technical problem. Ms Tan Pelaez consulted a plastic surgeon for the burn scars on her arm. She was blessed that her arm was not badly burnt.

After this incident Melanie Tan Pelaez went to apple store for complaining about her phone. Apples employees checked the phone they didn’t find anything different in the phone. They said, there is no burning smell in the phone so, the executive members of the company said they will manage the case and that is why they have sent the phone to the senior technician in California for analysis.

Since, three weeks the apple company did not responded to Ms Tan Pelaez complain. Then she took the help of Facebook. And then she posted the whole incident on the social networking site, Facebook.

The Apple Company refused to take the blame and concluded that the phone was not having any technical defect. Just to solve the case, Apple Company offered a new iPhone7 to Melanie Tan Pelaez. But she refused to take that offer. Because Ms Tan Pelaez was a permanent user of Iphone7 and now she has lost the trust for that company.

To aware everyone, Ms Tan Pelaez raised this case. This is a lesson for ever phone lovers, we all should be careful with our phones. And never leave the phone charging for a long time or overnight.

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