You've Been Using The ATM Machine Wrong Your Entire LifeYou've Been Using The ATM Machine Wrong Your Entire Life

You’ve Been Using The ATM Machine Wrong Your Entire Life

We all use ATM on a daily basis but have you ever wondered that your ATM’s info can be leaked or captured by a security camera or by any other method. Yes, you heard me right you can get recorded while cashing out the cash and there are many possibilities that your entire activity can get captured.

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Sounds shocking, right? Well you don’t need to worry about it. You’re at a right place to get enough info to save up your cards data. And when I say cards I don’t mean only ATM card. But also credit or debit cards. Yes, that is possible and you will be shocked when I tell you that there are many ways to get your cards information.

Let me start with the ATM card. Well, The process is very simple but you never see it. Because subconsciously we all think that the system is 100% legit and not fooling us. But what if I tell you that there are few machines which record your total activity since you enter the ATM center to till you leave. Yes, you heard me right. There are many ATM scams around the world fooling you.

Things you should check when you visit an ATM center. Always make sure that no one is snooping your actions when you’re cashing out. Which basically is not the big issue because we all are always aware of that. But also make sure that the machine has no extra devices connected to it. Like extra security camera’s which is assigned by some other person. Now you can identify the camera very easily.

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Yet we ignore these things thinking it is some sort of sensor or stuff like that. Now see the image below you can find an extra tiny hole in the ATM machine which is not necessary at all according to the system, Yet it is available. Now you might be wondering why it is there. Yes you are right it is recording your activity like typing the security code and then the recordings will make another person to access your data which will lead to hack.


Just like this, A few other things are being assigned by people who want to record the activity of the users and then steal the data to steal money from the accounts by online system services. Also if you find the numbers weird like more in size and bumpy then you should know that it could be a fake keypad, Never cash out amount from those ATM machines, Check the image below to get the idea. Also, you can complain all these things to the main branch of your respective bank to avoid future incidents.


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Hope you have learned safety measures to use ATM and other cards. Share this article. And bookmark our website for more.

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