best prime wire alternatives

If you’re not using Primewire, then you’re missing out on the best sources of online entertainment. Primewire is a popular streaming site that allows users to browse its rich catalog from any device with a web browser and enjoy a large collection of online multimedia content, including the latest movies. The reality though is that even popular services face an occasional downtime. Therefore, we’ll be looking at some of the best alternatives to PrimeWire that could come in handy in case you’re unable to access it.

best prime wire alternatives

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Primewire collects movies and TV shows from various repositories of free content on the internet and makes it available for viewing to a global audience. Like most other online streaming sites, Primewire is able to avoid censure from copyright holders and their representatives like the MPAA by not hosting the actual content on its own servers. They operate in a rather fragile landscape and things could change anytime, so we’ll be looking at the best alternatives to PrimeWire just in case you wake up one day and find that you can no longer access Primewire. 

10 Best Alternatives to Primewire

It’s always a good thing to have a plan B to mitigate against worst-case scenarios. In our case, this would be the total closure of Primewire. This is not to say that this popular service is about to be shut down, but it’s well known that online media streaming sites tend to have short lives, and clearly we want you stuck with nothing to watch should such a thing happen. 


The cool thing about CoolMovieZone is that every movie on the website is sorted by genre and release year. Action, Animation, Adventure, Horror, Comedy, Biography, Crime, Documentary, Family, Dramatic, Fantasy, reality shows, romance, science fiction, short films, sports, thrillers, trailers, war, westerns, etc There’s something for everyone.


Oulu is like a search engine for streaming media content like movies and TV shows. Ololo does not host content on their own server, instead, it lets you find content hosted elsewhere such as from repositories of major content providers. Oulu is primarily a dedicated search engine, so it will most likely never be removed for copyright breach just like you can’t use Google for indexed pages/content. It is one of the best Primewire alternatives available in 2020.


HouseMovie is a fun online streaming site that offers random movies at the push of a button. Imagine it’s Friday, you haven’t seen anything and you don’t have to search for IMDb to find something interesting. With HouseMovie, you only need one click to get started.


AFDAH is not your regular streaming site. It is essentially a bot or a web scraper for movies. What it does is track and index other streaming sites. The publisher is not responsible for the accuracy and reliability since the content is not reviewed by humans. Site owners will remove copyrighted content on-demand, but such requests are less common.


10 best alternatives to PrimeWire

FMovies is known to have some of the most passionate fans of online streaming. As such it is one of the most famous names on the web where you can watch the latest blockbusters and stream TV shows for free. It’s highly recommended, so ensure that you visit this website and find out why so many users love it.


GoMovies is a great resource for movies and TV shows of all genres. The site has a search bar that lets users type in and search GoMovies for movies or TV shows. 


SolarMovie is a simple online streaming site with around 30,000 films, many of which have appeared in recent years. The site offers many resources for subscribers. One of the features we found that’s absolutely brilliant is one that lets users vote for movies they like. That’s something we’ve not seen in other services.


Vumoo doesn’t rank movies by genre or release year, but that doesn’t matter because the search bar contains everything needed to cover independent productions from the latest Hollywood movies. The only drawback of Vumoo is that users can’t submit requests. However, you do not require registration to start using.


Movie25 features a dark theme, this is something we hope more streaming sites can embrace.  We also think sites should prioritize offering a wide catalog of movies and TV shows. They also need to provide alternative ways of streaming content. 


YesMovies is a wonderful portal in the quasi-magical world of cinema. At the center of the page is a large search bar that you can use to search for a specific movie or TV show. If you’ve never thought of seeing something interesting, click the button in the lower right corner of “What’s hot?” and in an instant YesMovies will show suggestions of trending shows and movies.


Very few online streaming services are able to maintain their relevance years after launch. Primewire is the exception. The service has been in existence for about 10 years now yet its catalog remains unmatched. If you prefer to access Primewire services in incognito mode, then you should get a VPN service. Nonetheless, you now have our 10 best alternatives to PrimeWire, so go out and check out these alternatives, you just never know when you might need one. 

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