Programmer Kept Talking To Her Friend After His Death Using AIProgrammer Kept Talking To Her Friend After His Death Using AI

As we all know that losing people very close to us is one of the deepest flaws which remains in our hearts for our whole lifetime. Such that when the best friend of Eugenia Kudya-a Russian programmer and entrepreneur died in a car accident, she recovered his digital consciousness using artificial intelligence. She used the creation of her AI startup Luka and sustained all the digital conversation of Roman into a neural network.

Death’s anguish remains for a long period of time and keeps reminding of a person’s absence which comes every day into pieces. Nonetheless, a late person leaves a lot more as text messages, status updates, pictures and especially their memories which we did spend with them. After their death, we live our life as we lived when they were alive but missing them the most every day.

But just think for a moment, what if u were given a chance to talk to them again? What if u are able to touch the shadow of a person who is no more? It’s a delicate question. Well, some people might say hello to this idea with open arms but, some might protest it and dispute the increasing conflict of technology in our Day-to-day life.

Eugenia Kudya, the Co-founder and head of the AI startup of Luka, developed in San Francisco invents chat bots which help users with the use of artificial intelligence to make life better.This AI proficiency has been used to re-awaken the Russian programmer and entrepreneur as Eugenia left her dead boyfriend Roman digitally restored.

In a recent detailed account published on the verge, she explains how she kept her departed friend Roman Mazurenko alive using a neural network. This Russian programmer arranged Roman’s all text messages from all the friends and used her company’s invention to bring Roman’s digital consciousness to life. The result was pretty astonishing.

Luka is described as a “new messenger with an AI-powered chatbox. They help you find GIFs and funny videos, make plans together, pick places to eat, play trivia games and have a friend.” You can also download the “Luke app from app store” and talk to Roman’s digital avatar in English or Russian by texting @Roman.

This works exceptionally well, as many of his friends actually feel to write with her late friend. It helps them to defeat their agony but, some people may rise virtuous questions about the posthumous use of technology. While Roman’s mother is thankful and says that she’s getting to know him more. This gives the illusion that he’s here now.

Eugenia does not share these concerns, they developed the bot and Roman helped her to process the agony. The “Verge” – journalist confesses Kudya that chatting with Roman-Bot is what for them, such as “to send a message to heaven. For me, it’s more about to send a message in a bottle than to receive one.”

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