Protect Your Facebook From This New Hacking Technique CloningProtect Your Facebook From This New Hacking Technique Cloning

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Facebook is a very popular social networking platform and everyone uses it, but there are people out there, who are willing to hack your account. You can protect your facebook account by following few simple steps. There are many ways to hack facebook and, the users who don’t have much information about the internet can get hacked very easily. So in order to be safe, you need to be alert about all those spamming websites you get in facebook messages, which asks you to login by facebook. It is just a trap and it is known as phishing.

Also, there is a new technique, which is being used by hackers known as ‘cloning’. Every facebook user should be aware of this. Hackers are stealing your account information and then creating another identical account, and send friend requests to your friends. They might add them thinking it is you, and by doing this your facebook identity will be controlled by an unknown hacker. They can literally post or publish anything wrong by your name, and your friends, the family will see it. So in order to prevent such cases you need to be alert, and follow these few simple steps to keep your facebook profile safe.

1. Change your facebook password.

Protect Your Facebook From This New Hacking Technique "Cloning"

The first thing you need to do is change your facebook password. If you’re using the same password for all the other social and web accounts. Because using the same password in all the accounts will eventually get your facebook id hacked, if the hacker gets to know your password of any of the account.

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2. Change Your facebook privacy settings from Public to Friends.

Protect Your Facebook From This New Hacking Technique "Cloning"

You should change your facebook privacy settings from “Public” to “Friends”. Because, by doing this your date of birth, school, and other information will not be available to unknown persons. And by doing this, no one can create any other facebook profile identical to your’s for cloning purpose.

3. Never accept unknown Friend Requests.

On a daily basis, people get don’t get unknown friend requests. But if someone is trying to hack you, then they will send you friend requests from different accounts. Never accept unknown Friend Requests, because if you do then the person can easily create an identical facebook id and ruin your social life by cloning.

4. Never login from unknown websites.

Protect Your Facebook From This New Hacking Technique "Cloning"

If you log in via facebook in any unknown website, then chances are, you will get hacked easily. Hackers send fake websites, to steal your password. So, never login from unknown websites.

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