PUBG Winter Map: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a big multiplayer gaming world which keeps on releasing new things to impress its users. It seems that we are near to meet the latest winter map introduced to PUBG. Recently, a report was claimed by the PCGamesN, which clearly reveals that PUBG’s innovative director, Brendan Greene has already experimented the Winter map, and indicates that perhaps will allow tracking other contestants by their footsteps.

Recently in the E3 this year, PUBG presented a video which has already given a glimpse of the latest winter map to the followers. The new feature will let the players observe other player’s footprints as they move. Gadgetsay reporter found the recent interview with Greene in which he claimed: “In the snow map teaser, there was a little reveal that some people picked up on, and I think that is my favorite feature going forward”.

In the event, everyone was delighted by a teaser of the latest winter or snow picture released by PUBG Corp, however, they ignored or just bypassed the brand new highlight which is the player’s footprints. The event attendees ignored this, but the gaming enthusiasts are extremely excited with the innovative introduction as only players know the importance of the activity. Some players on Reddit also commented on the incorporation of the footprints that will allow them to follow opponents throughout the PUBG Winter Map potent weather operation.

Coming Soon! Latest PUBG's Winter Map With Footprint Feature
Coming Soon! Latest PUBG’s Winter Map With Footprint Feature

The snowy scenario will make the game harder for the players. The players have to be more attentive than before while playing as other opponents will have a uniform observation of your footprints and they will follow you everywhere. For now, this feature is not yet officially disclosed, but as showcased in the E3, we can say that the group will soon release it worldwide. The teaser just includes the footprints in the snowy view.

Greene was thinking to implement this feature for a long time, but it was not evenly planned. Now, it seems that they are finally ready to release it. When asked about the PUBG Winter Map, Greene claimed that the work is successfully going on. The new version will definitely change the mode of play when compared to the present version. Moreover, the group has previously tested the new background with up to 100 participants. “We are starting to see how stuff plays out, and I am genuinely excited to get it into your hands.” So, are you equally excited to explore this new winter map? Must share your views with us.