PUPPYOO (Chinese call it “Xiaogou”), a professional vacuum cleaner brand from China released a brand new product called the PUPPYOO T12 Smart Wireless Vacuum Cleaner not so long ago. To be precise on April 2 last week. Perhaps, the brand developed it with the notion to make cleaning simpler and futuristic.

puppy vacuum cleaner

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The package of Puppyoo T12 Smart Wireless Vacuum Cleaner contains the host, metal extension tube, double-roller electric floor brush, electric mite removal brush, two-in-one wide-mouth brush, flat suction nozzle, storage charging stand and wall-mounted charging rack. These four suction heads can deal with most home cleaning scenes.

The best thing about the T12 is the dual-roller electric floor brush which can be used in any floor condition. So, say goodbye to the extra effort required to change the brush according to the floor.puppy vacuum cleaner

41.6% More Power than the Previous Gen

As in the case with most of the vacuum cleaners, the course suction is a vital part of the T12. PUPPYOO official claims the suction power of the T12 smart wireless vacuum cleaner to be as high as 170AW, which is 41.6% higher than the previous generation flagship product T10 Plus. The entire filter system can also intercept 99.996% of fine dust. It is worth mentioning that PUPPYOO has injected the smart concept into the wireless handheld vacuum cleaner for the first time, and it is also the main selling point of the new Puppyoo T12.

There exists a Hall switch from behind the OLED display on the top of the main unit. It has three modes to choose from, powerful, automatic and energy-saving. As an icing on the cake, the Puppyoo T12 on automatic mode can automatically adjust the power by analyzing the amount of dust in the airflow through the infrared at the suction port of the host, change the size of the suction force, and realize the intelligent adjustment of the suction force for smart, effortless cleaning.

Puppyoo T12 has a battery capacity of 8 * 2500mAh, which can be used for 11 minutes in a strong gear, and a flat suction nozzle or a 2-in-1 wide-mouth brush in energy-saving mode can get 60 minutes of battery life. Which is quite a decent power backup to be expected from a wireless vacuum cleaner.

Users have two options to recharge the PUPPYOO. The charging stand can not only charge but also can store all the accessories of the host, and the wall-mounted charging rack saves floor space. Charging time can be around 2-3 Hours.

Puppyoo T12 in Action!

From fine particles such as food debris to bulky substances like say, if you have the habit of playing around with paper balls and your room is full of them at the end of the day, the Puppyoo T12 manages them smoothly. Here are some short glimpses of the Puppyoo T12 in action.

Smart and useful isn’t it? If you plan to get them then it’d be better to know that the Puppyoo T12 is currently in pre-sale with a price tag of 2699 yuan($383.59). Especially for students and other workers residing in Hostels or Apartments, the Puppyoo T12 ought to be quite handy and a time-saver.

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