In the past, if you asked the Android camp the strongest flagship processor platform in the second half of the year, you could say “Snapdragon 888+”, “Snapdragon 865+”, “Snapdragon 855+” and so on without hesitation. I found a “Kirin 9000” from Huawei HiSilicon, but the so-called flagship platform of MediaTek seems to be a thunderstorm every year.

But this year is different. In the first half of the year, Qualcomm’s reputation once again collapsed. Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 was suppressed by the MediaTek Dimensity 9000, which was seriously attacking the flagship SoC. platform, and the two are called the strongest SoC in the second half of 2022.

The most complete release of SoC performance is the mobile phone for gaming and e-sports. There are many such products on the Snapdragon platform, and the most powerful gaming phone that can be found on the Snapdragon 8+ processor is the “Red Magic 7S Pro”.

MediaTek has never really had a gaming e-sports mobile phone in the true sense, and it was not until the “ROG 6 Dimensity Supreme Edition” that it really drew on the MediaTek gaming phone.

Since “Red Magic 7S Pro” and “ROG 6 Dimensity Supreme Edition” are the Snapdragon 8+ and Dimensity 9000+ platforms with the most complete performance release today, let’s take them out and compete and see how they perform in game performance.

In addition to the Snapdragon 8+ platform, the Red Magic 7S Pro uses up to 1TB UFS 3.1 ROM, up to 18GB LPDDR5 RAM, as well as Magic GPU self-developed frame stabilization engine, and ICE 10.0 10-layer multi-dimensional stereo cooling system, of which VC is The area of ​​the hot plate is 4124mm², and there is a built-in cooling fan of 20000r/min.

ASUS ROG 6 Dimensity Supreme Edition is the first gaming phone in the true sense of MediaTek’s platform. In addition to MediaTek’s Dimensity 9000+ platform, it is also matched with a 512GB UFS 3.1 ROM, and a 16GB RAM.

The LPDDR5X RAM is theoretically faster than the LPDDR5 of the Red Magic 7S Pro; in terms of heat dissipation, there is a matrix liquid cooling structure 6.0 Plus, and an exclusive cooling fan for the external cooling wind tunnel system.

Whether it is the basic 60fps, or the advanced 90fps and 120fps modes, the national game “Honor of Kings” is a pediatrician for mobile phones such as the Red Magic 7S Pro and ROG 6 Dimensity Extreme Edition, and the whole process is full of frames. Come on, there is no frame rate jitter recorded, but the average frame rate of ROG will be slightly higher, and the average power consumption will be lower.

ASUS ROG 6 Dimensity Extreme Edition without a built-in fan will suffer a little in terms of heat dissipation. Although the highest temperature of the game can be maintained within 40℃, the front and back of the 60fps mode are only 36.2℃ and 35.1℃ but there is a built-in fan to actively dissipate heat. In front of the added Red Magic 7S Pro, the highest temperature of the fuselage is only 36.4 ℃, which is like a magical suppression of all passive cooling mobile phones.

Tencent’s other popular chicken-eating game “Peace Elite” will have higher requirements on the GPU performance of mobile phones, but the 60fps and 90fps modes tested are still too childish for these two mobile phones, Red Magic 7S Pro and ASUS ROG 6 The Dimensity Supreme Edition runs at full frames, and the frame rate of the picture does not shake, but this time the average frame rate of the Red Magic 7S Pro is slightly higher than that of the ROG 6 Dimensity Supreme Edition, and there is no difference in the heat control performance between the two. “Honor of Kings” is big.

Finally, look at the famous professional running division (play) tool (play) “Yuan Shen”, which can better reflect the game performance scheduling level of the phone.

We ran Genshin Impact on the Red Magic 7S Pro and ASUS ROG 6 Dimensity Supreme Edition for 30 minutes each, with the image quality set to “Very High” and the frame rate of “60fps”, both of which ran at 720p rendering resolution.

In the end, the former Red Devils recorded an average frame rate of 59.90fps, and the latter ROG recorded 59.46fps, both of which are industry-leading levels, but the level of the Red Devils is still slightly higher.

After all, the Red Magic 7S Pro is the one with the best overall performance in terms of average frame rate, frame rate jitter control, and body temperature control of Genshin Impact among the mobile phones we have tested.

Not only that, the output of the Red Magic is also more stable than that of the ROG. The Red Magic 7S Pro recorded only 2 of the 18 frame rate jitters in half an hour, while the next ROG 6 Dimensity Extreme Edition recorded 33 frame rates in half an hour. There were 6 times of shaking, and the maximum temperature of the ROG’s back had soared to 49.1 ℃, and the back of the Red Devils with active cooling fans had a maximum of only 43.1 ℃. The magic skill of active cooling is really direct and effective.

In fact, the ROG 6 Dimensity Extreme Edition also has this skill, but the way to achieve it is more troublesome. It comes with a special cooling fan back clip, called “Cool Fan 6”, which is similar to the market. Different from other heat dissipation back clips, it is dedicated to ROG 6 and does not require additional power supply.

It can be used directly with the Type-C port on the side of the mobile phone, which has the greatest compatibility with mobile phones. In addition to taking away the heat on the back of the fuselage, the special cooling back clip for ROG 6 also has an automatically opened wind tunnel, which directly connects the air ducts of the cooling components inside the fuselage to take away the heat inside the machine to a certain extent.

Here we also installed the cooling back clip, adjusted the fan power to the smart gear, and performed the same half-hour “Genshin Impact” test on the ROG 6 Dimensity Extreme Edition to see the effect of this external cooling system on the game performance release.

Comparing the frame rate trend of Genshin Impact before and after using the cooling clip, we can indeed find that the sporadic trough of the curve falling with the clip has actually decreased, and the average frame rate has increased from the previous 59.46fps to 60.64fps, which is even higher than that of the Red Magic 7S. The Pro is higher. Among the 26 frame rate jitters recorded, the severe jitter is only 2 times. Because there is an extra layer of peripheral equipment.

Which prevents the measurement of the temperature of the fuselage, the temperature of the fuselage is not measured here. I made a record, but the fan vent blows against the opponent. The back of the ROG 6 Dimensity Supreme Edition perceived by the hand is still calm, and the heat of the metal frame will be relatively prominent.

The effect is there, but the design of this back clip is not perfect. After playing games with it for a period of time, it is a bit unpleasant: the overall weight and thickness increase after adding the cooling back clip is obviously one aspect, its footprint It’s a bit big, taking up half of the back of the entire ROG 6.

Although ASUS has incorporated 4 game keys that feel good in the hand, it seems that it has never been able to find the most comfortable and convenient holding position for the touch screen. At least one finger on one hand is uncomfortable.

When playing Genshin Impact, you can hold a holding position for less than 5 minutes. Personally, as a random standard accessory, there are still a few people who are willing to play games with the back clip for a long time.

The conclusion

As far as the Red Magic 7S Pro and ROG 6 Dimensity Supreme Edition are concerned, the performance and power consumption of the Snapdragon 8+ and the Dimensity 9000+ are back and forth.

Qualcomm borrowed the Snapdragon 8+ in the second half of the year to restore the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. The reputation of power consumption collapsed and MediaTek used Dimensity 9000+ to consolidate the status of Dimensity 9000’s own true flagship in the first half of the year.

According to the existing information, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 will continue to be stable next year, while the performance of Dimensity 9200 will be more aggressive, and the two tigers will go up the mountain. Next year’s flagship will definitely be more interesting. ​

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