Qualcomm Has Successfully Tested The First 5G Modem ChipsetQualcomm Has Successfully Tested The First 5G Modem Chipset

5G Modem Chipset: Recently for the first time, Qualcomm has favorably examined a 5G data link on their Snapdragon X50 5G modem chipset. The upcoming cellular technology called 5G is assumed to be a pretty big thing. Qualcomm settled for an analysis document invented by a professor at the University of California, David Teece at Berkeley, and business researcher IHS Markit to evaluate the result of 5G mobile technology that Qualcomm is trying to bringing on the market.

Qualcomm Has Successfully Tested The First 5G Modem Chipset
Qualcomm Has Successfully Tested The First 5G Modem Chipset

According to reports, the launch of 5G will offer 22 million jobs opportunities and $12.3 trillion in the bearing of goods and services over 2035. In conversation with VentureBeat, the senior executive of Qualcomm, Peter Carson stated that the prototype analysis concerning the Snapdragon X50 5G modem chipset served the initial time, and most importantly provided the attempt to produce 5G models are rolling quicker. The chipset achieved a rate of 1.25 gigabits a second (Gbps) in the 28-GHz millimeter wave radio frequency band. The technology is assumed to transfer data at 5 Gbps in future when it is ready to use.

Few months before, Qualcomm tried to quicken the making of a 5G model in nearly six months. Qualcomm made the statement in Hong Kong at a business function. The firm stated that the illustration will assist to quicken the distribution of 5G devices to customers that will need years to emerge in smartphone devices. Qualcomm executed the first experiment in a lab at San Diego, California utilizing various 100-MHz 5G carriers.

Qualcomm declared their plan of 5G modem chipset in 2016. They said that their first 5G connections can roll out in 2019. The company assumes the coming of the 5G chipset in smartphones and networks within ending of 2019. The present prototype analysis employed two channels to obtain the 1.25-Gbps rate. Eventually, the 5-Gbps network will utilize eight channels. Qualcomm has also come up with latest Snapdragon 636 mobile chip which will enhance gaming experience in smartphones. It can be rolled out in smartphones next month.

The company also said that the latest enhancements to their radio frequency chips which work on the 600-MHz spectrum. T-Mobile is working on a 600-MHz spectrum channels for enhanced response, calling, and data review in smartphones. The latest 5G Qualcomm will gain all the attention in the coming years. Presently, 4G connection presents about 450 megabits a second to 650 megabits a second as transfer rates.

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