Razer's Project Valerie The Laptop With Triple ScreenRazer's Project Valerie The Laptop With Triple Screen

Project Valerie has revealed by the Gaming hardware maker Raze. The laptop has 4K screen. It is specially made for the artists, graphic designer, developers and for gamers. This laptop will present a very extraordinary experience for all gamers. They have not yet declared the price and the publish date of the project.

CES has displayed many unique technologies and in this past couple of days, we have come through many such devices like LG’s fantastic slim Wallpaper TV, world’s thinnest Windows 10 laptop and world’s largest power USB drive. The Razer is the billion dollar world’s chief in high-presentation gaming hardware, software and systems. They have made their mind up for something big and interesting.

Raze have launched their Project Valerie. It is a Gaming laptop which has three 17-inch 4K displays, especially for gaming purpose. The body of the laptop is only 1.5-inches in wide and weighs up to 12 pounds. This is really a most insane idea of this project. The user can glide the two displays on a show which will come from both areas of the foremost screen.

The 4K screen feature is supported by Nvidia’s G-Sync monitor technology which maintains the synchronization of the picture. Some internal parts are similar to Razer Blade Pro. The alike NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card with 8GB of video RAM, an equal 32 gigs of system RAM, and the unchanged vapor-chamber cooling rig which was used in the solitary display Blade Pro.

This laptop screen holds up full Adobe RGB color space and Nvidia encloses gaming by means of an 180-degree area vision. Razer said that this laptop has the most widespread and superior display ever made. This laptop is designed not only for the gamers but also for the users who utilise a prevailing wider display unit like engineers, artists, developers, etc.

The Razer has promised to give an amazing and mind-boggling product and we hope they will. Although a specify name is not given to their project yet. The dates and the price are also not finalized.

If you think Razer’s Project Valerie will change the gaming revolution then don’t forget to share your thoughts down below.

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