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Android OS is incredibly popular because of its open-source and customizable nature. Customizability is one of the major features of Android smartphones. Correspondingly, this guide will mention some of the best custom ROMs for the Realme 3 Pro Android smartphone.

realme 3 pro

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Realme 3 Pro is a famous development by China-based brand Realme. It was launched last year with Android 9.0 Pie OS along with the ColorOS 6 skin interface.

The handset, as a successor to the Realme 2 Pro, manifests a pool of advanced specifications and attractive build outlook. The 6.3” display, dual-cam module, fingerprint scanner, 4045 mAh battery, and Snapdragon 710 SoC are some of the key highlights of the device.

If you own the same Realme 3 Pro and looking to flash custom ROM on it, then follow our guide below. In this post, you will find some cool, unofficial, and well-compatible custom ROMs for the Realme 3 Pro Android device. Custom ROM is a meaningful weapon to extract the maximum output of your device.

Thanks to the open-source inclination of the Android platform that allows users to install custom ROM for better results. Further, people love to use Android given its simplicity and customizable approach. Flashing custom ROM yields you rapid performance, improved battery life, frequent updates, and other perks.

Custom ROMs for Realme 3 Pro Android Smartphone

As you read above, the Realme 3 Pro comes with the Android 9.0 OS preinstalled. However, Stock ROM or Stock Firmware offers only limited configurations and programs to users. Most of the apps come in the locked status, which users can’t access without unlocking them.

Here is the role of custom ROM ignites. Installing any custom ROM requires you to unlock your bootloader and install TWRP recovery on your equipment. Here we go.


When it comes to listing the best custom ROMs for any Android device, Lineage OS is the first to hit the mind. It is among the best and widely-trusted custom ROM. You will capture a heap of astounding features in the pack, i.e. customizable themes and status bar, resizing nav bar and nav bar color, quick toggle, and more. You will start noticing the boost in your Realme 3 Pro’s behavior right from the first boot.

Lineage OS

Lineage OS exceeds other participants in the race in terms of simplicity and stability. Formerly, it was known as CyanogenMod ROM, which was amongst the most-demanded custom ROMs in the Android development community.

Download Lineage OS: Here

DerpFest ROM

Next in the queue is the Android 10-based DerpFest ROM. It is the latest entry in the segment that accumulates numerous goodies under possession.

DerpFest ROM

When it comes to monitoring the achievements of the ROM, you will find themes with new system fonts, new modules to the status bar, changes to the quick setting panel, lock screen notification, additional background colors, ability to change on-screen keys, setting panel, mapping hardware keys, and new animations, etc.

Download DerpFest: Here

AOSP Extended

AOSP Extended

Furthermore, the AOSP-based custom ROM includes fruitful tools to cherish your overall user experience with Realme 3 Pro. It pushes stock UI/UX with lots of customizations on behalf of the Substratum theme engine. Moreover, it delivers advanced customized specifications with stock user interface experience and added from various open-source projects.

Download AOSP Extended: Here

Resurrection Remix

Resurrection Remix

Well, Resurrection Remix is another AOSP-based custom ROM that implies the same user interface as the Stock Android OS of Pixel devices. In fact, it is a combination of various other ROMs like Slim ROM, Lineage OS, Omni ROM to obtain a high-end experience on your Realme 3 Pro.

Likewise, the Resurrection ROM is assembled by prioritizing the performance with stability, power, apart from adjoining up-to-date features. Over the years, the ROM has been polished well and has included various ROMs, as mentioned above.

Download Resurrection Remix: Here

Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience

Among others, Pixel Experience is also one of the best custom ROMs for the Realme 3 Pro smartphone. No custom ROM can beat the Pixel Experience in the Android community. It is ported from the Google Pixel equipment and named as Pixel Experience.

Honestly speaking, you will get Google Pixel-like user experience after installing Pixel Experience on your Realme 3 Pro. It includes features like icons, fonts, wallpapers, ringtones, and Pixel launcher, etc. It will give you a fresh and pure Google Pixel interface and performs excellently as well.

Download Pixel Experience: Here

Mokee OS

Mokee OS

Mokee OS was first initiated during the Jellybean introduction by a small group of Chinese Android developers. The open-source and AOSP-based Mokee OS custom ROM was actually the first effort of China into the open-source domain of Android. It covers a massive range of lucrative features to give a sense of relief to those who are still on Stock Android.

Download Mokee OS: Here



The AICP (Android Ice Cold Project) ROM is also based on the Android Open Source Project. It is an aftermarket software tool that was first organized for the HTC Desire HD device back in 2012. It also consists of congenial features for your Realme 3 Pro.

Download AICP ROM: Here

Omni ROM

Omni ROM

Omni ROM is the latest entry in the list of custom ROMs for Realme 3 Pro. It packs a collection of customizable features and places the stability at the apex. It is again an AOSP-based (Android Open Source Project) development with lots of enhancements and modifications.

Download Omni ROM: Here



It is another new custom ROM inspired by AOSP. The developer has created the software with a motive to keep things simple, neat and clean. Like others, it also integrates various top-of-the-class and performance-driven features to yield the best out of your handset.

Download ArrowOS: Here


It is not to end the list here. You can even find more custom ROM for Realme 3 Pro smartphone to load on it. You are free to pick any of these and install them on your Android device. All are compatible-well and ready to incite the hidden potential of your phone.

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