oppo 125 w fast charging

Yesterday, both OPPO and iQOO announced their 100W fast charging technology, which reached 125W and 120W, respectively. Now, there is every reason to think that OPPO’s sub-brand will inherit this technology as well. Today, Realme’s official Weibo channel said: ‘More than fast. See you on July 16. 5G super flash charge. Look at me.’

Realme fast charging

Apart from this, the company also made us think of how fast its charging technology will be by saying ‘3 minutes to charge _%’. We can see that Realme’s super flash charging solution can fill a very high battery capacity in a short time. But the company didn’t hurry to specify exact numbers. Anyways, it is worth noting that Realme’s vice president and global marketing president sent a string of binary codes 1111101 in a related post. When converted into a specific number, it is 125. We guess you all understand he hints at a 125W charging power.

Yesterday, OPPO surprised us by teasing the announcement date of the 125W fast charging technology. Prior to this, the company was rumored to launch an 80W fast charging technology called SuperVOOC 3.0. But it turns out OPPO went a step ahead. Presently, the OPPO smartphones are using 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 fast charging technology which was launched last year with the OPPO Reno Ace.

However, this also raises another question – who will start? A few days ago, the new Realme handset codenamed Oli was leaked on the net. This seems to be a quite new product series. Realme’s ultra-fast flash charging solution will be released on July 16. So we will learn more about this in a couple of days.

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