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Unlocking the bootloader of an Android device opens up a world of possibilities such as the ability to install 3rd party recovery utility like the TWRP and perform dozens of customizations. However, it can also invalidate the device warranty. We recommend that you always follow the instructions to the later. Of course, you can always relock the bootloader if you no longer have a need for it. 

There’s just one caveat with this move. If you choose to unlock the bootloader of Realme X2 or the X2 Pro, you lose the ability to stream HD content from Netflix and others. This is because the unlocking process effectively replaces Widevine L1 with Widevine L3. So if HD streaming is something you care about, then you might want to reconsider. However, if you’re okay with the limitation, then you proceed to the instructions below to unlock your Realme X2 bootloader. Actually, the process is the same for both the devices, so this can serve as a common guide for both.

Disclaimer: will not be responsible for damage to devices as a result of you using this information. Proceed with caution.

Follow our step by step guide below to unlock the Realme X2 Pro boot loader.


Important Files:

Steps to Unlock Bootloader of Realme X2

  1. Get the latest firmware update of your Realme X2 from official sources and install them.
  2. Install the bootloader unlock tool from Realme. (Download link in the downloads section above).
  3. Launch the unlock tool and initiate the in-depth test process.
  4. Read the disclaimer and understand it, then if in agreement tap the checkbox to confirm and submit the application.
  5. If all goes well, the unlock tool will display “Review Successful” in about an hour. You can proceed after. 
  6. Click “Start the in-depth test” and your Realme X2 smartphone will reboot. while showing “fast boot_unlock_verify ok.
  7. Extract the downloaded ADB and Fastboot tool into a folder you can access easily.
  8. Connect your smartphone and laptop via USB cable.
  9. Open command prompt in Windows and type the following command to get the device to reboot into bootloader mode.
adb reboot bootloader
  1. The following command will unlock the bootloader of Realme X2.
fastboot flashing unlock
  1. Next, press the Volume Up button on the device to unlock the bootloader.
  2. Once the process completes, enter the following command in the command prompt.
fastboot reboot
  1. The process will take a while and all data will be deleted
  2. After Realme X2 reboots, the bootloader will be unlocked.

That’s pretty much about it. If you were able to unlock the bootloader of Realme X2, congrats! If not then please let us know in the comment section below. Cheers.

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