Realme under-screen camera

In September of this year, ZTE took the lead in mass production of commercial under-screen camera smartphones. The first model was the ZTE AXON 20 5G, with a starting price of 2,198 yuan (6GB+128GB). It converts to $322.

Realme under-screen camera

Almost at the same time, Xiaomi announced its third-generation under-screen camera technology. The company said that its third-generation under-screen camera technology has reached commercial standards for mass production. And it will be officially mass-produced next year.

In addition to ZTE and Xiaomi, Realme is also developing under-screen camera technology. Just this month, Xu Qi, vice president of Realme, revealed a real photo of a smartphone, which is guessed to use such a technology.

As for the Realme under-screen camera smartphone, one of the bloggers revealed that it will be mass-produced and commercialized next year.

That’s not difficult to predict that under-screen camera smartphones will come next year one after another. However, at the moment, we still don’t have a mature technology. Of course, ZTE’s technology is currently available and works properly. But many analysts are not satisfied with the performance it provides.

Realme under-screen camera

Unlike the popular hole-punch screen design this year, the under-screen camera technology cleverly hides the front camera under the screen, and displays the content normally when selfies are not required. Thus, this is the long-awaited true full-screen form.

Moreover, the under-screen camera technology does not require the assistance of mechanical structures. So it can achieve a thinner and lighter design.

All in all, the under-screen camera is the most complete solution in the full-screen era. Next year, the large-scale commercial production of Xiaomi and Realme also means that the era of hole-punch screens will come to an end.

Argam Artashyan

By Argam Artashyan

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