Top Reason 2017 Is The Year To Develop A Company ChatbotTop Reason 2017 Is The Year To Develop A Company Chatbot

Top Reason 2017 Is The Year To Develop A Company Chatbot

Satya Nadella the CEO presented the three-hour essential lecture during the Microsoft’s Build Conference previously this year. In this conference, he emphasized his idea and said that the future of technology is in the hands of person words. They said according to this time of latest changes in the world of technology, the discussion is the latest edge and bots are the latest apps.

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Chatbots have been very popular this year and it is supported by the majority of technological companies. The immense tech companies are newly appointing the chatbot space and also several start-ups. The question which arises at this time is why are the chatbots being popular and getting admired these days? Is it necessary for us and in our business? Here are the three reasons as well as answers to the following question.

1) Out with the apps, in with the chatbots- Here is one straightforward answer for the gaining popularity of chatbot: “power of the natural language processor” which is software that administers and determines human language by making an easy and common method of interrelating with language skill.

To improve the client familiarity, tech associates like Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google are struggling to bring about an equivalent device which will be similar to chatbots. Tech associates observe and determine voice instructions whereas chatbots reply to the text. This will be not an easy task for any of the companies because they have to solve human language but they wish to complete this mission by combining device study and prototype detection.

2) Build a customer service that never sleeps- From last two years, Chatbot has helped a lot in the field of business. This technology can recognize and respond to font instructions and query frequently. If you have a business in which you have to handle lots of questions and queries every day then chatbot will be very helpful to you. It can give a reply to those difficult questions very frequently and faster than a customer service representative can give.

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Chatbots were launched in the market by the Tech companies in 2014 when Microsoft’s Xia once came into existence. Facebook’s M was first to pursue Xia once and now Google has decided to launch its private chatbot. If you are thinking that anybody can start a chatbot, then you are wrong. Tech companies are assisting smaller enterprise to start chatbots because the companies want to rule over chatbot.

Facebook is helping a small enterprise to start a chatbot and they are also doing this for themselves. Not only facebook Microsoft has also announced Bot Framework, a device for creating a chatbot themselves.

3) Never miss a meeting again- The realistic use of chatbot is for customer service. Gartner the Research firm stated that one-third of customer service connections will require human contacts by 2017. He means to say that the rest contact will be controlled by the software chatbot. To a certain extent, there will be no need of contacting the customer service agent for the answer, the customer can directly contact chatbot like Amelia and get the answer of the question.

Now a day’s customer service is more important in the business platform to become successful, to defeat the competition. Maybe your business does not need the customer service support; the chatbot is still a great benefit for the business owner., an administrative chatbot plan meeting for you, it can also become a time saver as it acts as a reminder of your ordinary work.

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There are the number of applications for chatbots and some of them are to be invented. By 2025, 12.7 million jobs will be offered by the companies to invent, robots training purpose and robotic software.

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