People Get Rejected Everywhere But Get A Job At GooglePeople Get Rejected Everywhere But Get A Job At Google

Amin Ariana who is an ex-Google employee describes why do Google Accepts some application that were rejected everywhere. He narrated his own story and explained why people who fail to get lower-level jobs succeed at higher levels.

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Someone asked on Quora :- “I previously interned at Google and talked to many people there. Some people (both interns & official employees) got rejected everywhere else except for Google. I think I’m experiencing the same thing for now. Any ideas why this is the case?”

In That Quora post, Amin Ariana made a beautiful effort to explained Why Google accepts some applications which were rejected everywhere else.

In that reply Amin narrated his story and described his work struggle and his love life. Just like the Alibaba founder Jack Ma, Amin Ariana Was also rejected at different interviews. But when one day he turned back while walking out of the interview room and asked the interviewer, “I know it’s a No, but I’ve looked for a while and I can’t figure out where I’m going wrong. Can you tell me what skill I’m missing for this job?” He asked

The reply of the interviewer left Amin speechless. Actually, he was over qualified for the job. “A long silence took over as I stared in the air at the words she had just spoken. A gigantic lightbulb crashed through the ceiling, hung above my head, and turned on, brightening the room,” — he writes.

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Amin Ariana left Google in February 2013 and went on to become founder of a bunch of startups. Currently, he is the Vice President of an internet services company Gate Labs.

Stories like these compel us to rethink, what we have been doing all along. Whether we are directing ourselves towards what we actually deserve, or it’s just that we’ve been compromising all along, just for the sake of gaining stability.

Original Quora Post :- Why Some People Get Rejected Everywhere But Get A Job At Google

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