Here’s The Reason Why ATM PINs Have Only 4-Digit CodeHere’s The Reason Why ATM PINs Have Only 4-Digit Code

Here Is The Reason Why ATM PINs Have Only 4-Digit Code

ATM (Automated Teller Machines) was first introduced in the year 1967. We all use ATM machines frequently for cash withdrawal or deposit purpose. But have you ever noticed that every ATM card comes with a pin of only 4 numbers? Why not 3 or more than 4 numbers? this is an interesting question and there should be something behind this 4 umber pin plan.

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Every ATM card comes wit a 4 digit pin number and you can also reset this pin number but a number of numbers remain same you cannot change it to 5 numbers or 3 numbers. We all want to know the reason behind this but nobody has time to do research for that.

Normally to withdraw money you can visit your nearer bank or just go to ATM and cash out whereas in the bank you need to stand in a queue. ATM was invented by a well-known Britisher John Adrian Shepherd-Barron. John was born in Shillong to Dorothy Barron (Wimbledon Ladies Double Champion). John Adrian Shepherd-Barron proposed for a 6-digit PIN while testing his invention.

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John’s wife, Caroline was the first person to use his latest invention. But six-digit PIN idea was rejected by Caroline and you might just get shocked. Caroline rejected the 6 digit pin idea because it was impossible for her to remember the 6 digit pin and she could remember only about 4 digits.

This is the only reason why ATM pin has only 4 numbers and banks are providing 6-digit PIN code for accessing the Debit cards these days. We barely remember 4 digit pin, now just imagine if it was 6 or 8 digit? So partially it was a good idea to keep ATM pin only 4 numbers.

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