Top Reasons Why Google Allo Is Better Than WhatsApp

After getting a good response in Google Talk and Hangouts, now Google is providing a new app Google Allo. This app will be a disappointment for the instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Messenger.

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As we all know, Google Allo is a smart instant messaging app like Google Talk and Hangouts. It connects people with their friends and relatives all around the world and also includes many more activities. Google Allo is far way better than widely used instant messaging app, WhatsApp.

There are some related features between Google Allo and WhatsApp like both are set-off with mobile numbers and you can send images, videos, voice recordings, and stickers. The reasons for preferring Google Allo are discussed below.

1) Google Assistant

Top Reasons Why Google Allo Is Better Than WhatsApp - Google Assistant

Owning this app is similar to have your own personal assistant. It has a feature which will let you find hotels, flights, Movie theaters and many things from this app. WhatsApp consists of fundamental characteristics.

2) Incognito Chat Mode

Top Reasons Why Google Allo Is Better Than WhatsApp - Incognito Chat Mode

The WhatsApp and Google Allo ensure end-to-end encryption for messaging. In Google Allo, the chat is encrypted and the chat history can be deleted after chatting and ending of expiration time.

3) Smart Reply

Top Reasons Why Google Allo Is Better Than WhatsApp - Smart Reply

Google’s artificial intelligence smart reply feature is very helpful. Your chatting and reading style is checked by the AI and they give a useful idea in improving the style. The ideas are fundamental but they are very beneficial. This feature is not available in WhatsApp.

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4) Text Formatting

Top Reasons Why Google Allo Is Better Than WhatsApp - Text Formatting

Google Allo has a feature of formatting the text by increasing and decreasing the font sizes of text messages. You can change the size of the text by sliding the send out button upward and downward.

5) Fresh Stickers

Top Reasons Why Google Allo Is Better Than WhatsApp - Fresh Stickers

Whisper/shout is an awesome feature of this app. To change the emoticons and font size you have to press the send button and slide. It also has new stickers which are very impressive. The text formatting feature of WhatsApp creates trouble.

The added features make Google Allo better than WhatsApp. Now, WhatsApp is very popular but Google Allo will soon become popular as soon as all instant messaging app users will know about this app.


  1. Really all those cool features are just gimmicks. What’s app is far superior since it allows the sending of files, pictures, and videos. It also has video and audio calls, and great group chats. What’s the point of a communications app if it can’t fully communicate?

  2. assistent works only in english. so it is useless for me. “smart answer” as well.. i dont need formating in messenger… stickers? since when it is even considered as update to have another bunch of animated icons??? whatsup have voice call, video call, group conversations, backup of chats etc etc… sory. allo is failure. its ridiculouse it was not canceled yet.

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