This afternoon, Redmi held a new product launch conference. At the event, the company released a number of new products. But as you guess, the Redmi 10X has been in the spotlight. This is the world’s first smartphone powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 820 chip. Apart from this, the phone comes with a number of new cutting-edge technologies.

The Redmi 10X smartphones are priced at 1599 yuan ($224) for 6GB + 64GB, 1799 yuan ($252) for 6GB + 128GB, 2099 yuan ($294) for 8GB + 128GB, and 2399 yuan ($336) for 8GB + 256GB. The pre-sale is now open, and it will be officially launched at 0:00 on June 1.

Apart from this, the Redmi 10X Pro phone is priced at 2299 yuan ($322) for 8GB + 128GB and 2599 yuan ($364) for 8GB + 256GB. It will be officially launched on June 5.


According to the official introduction, Redmi 10X’s Dimensity 820 may be the strongest mid-to-high-end processor in 2020, optimized by Redmi & MediaTek in-depth cooperation. The Redmi 10X sports a built-in 4520mAh battery and supports 22.5W fast charging. In contrast, the Redmi 10X Pro supports 33W fast flash charging.

The chip is based on 7nm process technology, using 4 × Cortex A76 2.6GHz + 4 × Cortex A55 2.0GHz, GPU Mali-G57 MC5. The manufacturer says it integrates the world’s top 5G modem, flagship multi-core CPU architecture and energy-efficient independent AI processor APU 3.0.

The Redmi 10X has a powerful gaming configuration, system-level response speed optimization, ultra-sensitive touch, and an excellent liquid-cooled heat dissipation system.

Moreover, the Redmi 10X is the world’s first dual 5G standby smartphone. Thus, two 5G cards can be switched intelligently at any time. It’s specially optimized for 5G pain points such as high-speed rail and elevators. It comes with super-strong signals and low power consumption. So no matter where you are, 5G high-definition calls are constantly on the line!


The Redmi 10X fully curved body has a slim mid-frame with a perfect blend of matte and high-gloss. It adopts a waterdrop screen with a mini bangs area. There are four colors of deep ocean blue, night purple, hazy moon gold, and star dew.

The phone uses a Samsung AMOLED screen, which supports screen fingerprint, power-saving eye protection, and cool dark mode, a variety of styles of Vientiane screen + super wallpaper + personalized signature.

The Redmi 10X has a flagship quality assurance. Not only it comes with an invisible “raincoat” thickened nano-coating but also an “I / O sealed silicone ring”. It ingeniously isolates dust. The phone also has a double-sided Corning GG5 glass.

Redmi 10X


The Redmi 10X supports streamer cameras, which can take pictures of clouds, flowing water, and creative light painting, as well as neon night scenes and romantic star tracks. There is an AI ​​watermark, proving that it intelligently recognizes the photo scene and adjusts a special filter.

The Pro variant supports up to 3x optical zoom, 30x digital zoom, and OIS four-axis optical image stabilization. The Redmi 10X Pro comes with an 8MP 3x optical zoom lens, an 8MP super wide-angle lens, a 48MP super clear main lens, and a 5MP macro lens.


The new MIUI12 brings a more intimate and secure privacy interaction. It supports NFC, which will ease many operations in daily life.

Redmi 10X

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