The annual 618 is about to open. So many Chinese companies are actively promoting their new and old products. In other words, this is an ideal chance for regular customers to get their hands on desired products for a low price tag. Xiaomi is one of those companies that is not only offering various quality products at low price tags but also offers huge discounts during any festival. And Redmi, which has got its independence just recently, is no exception. Moreover, it is currently selling its high-end smartphones at an unbelievable low price. In addition to the release of the Redmi 10X series, the new Redmi K30i of the Redmi K30 series also appeared in the list of discounted products.

Redmi K30i

If you remember, the Redmi K30i was launched on not that long ago. At the moment, this amazing phone is offered for only 1799 yuan ($252). If you still didn’t catch the idea – this is the lowest priced 5G smartphone in the history of Redmi, folks.

Compared with the Redmi K30 5G, the main camera of the Redmi K30i uses Sony’s 48MP CMOS. It also comes with a 120° super wide-angle lens, a 2cm super macro lens, and a depth of field lens. So for a penny, you will get not only a 5G smartphone but also a camera phone.

Redmi K30i

In terms of configuration, the Redmi K30i uses a 6.67-inch dual-hole full-screen. The display has a refresh rate of 120Hz. Under the hood, our protagonist hosts a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G mobile platform. The front-mounted 20MP dual-camera, the 4500mAh capacity battery supporting 30W fast flash charging, and a few other features make it very attractive.

Lu Weibing, president of the Xiaomi Group China and general manager of the Redmi brand, previously stated that 5G doesn’t depend on the improvement of the operator’s network and the civilianization of tariff prices only, Smartphone brands need to make the price of their products lower.

Redmi K30i

‘2020 will be the most critical year for the development of China’s consumer-grade 5G products. 5G is gradually maturing and popularizing on a large scale. This requires the joint efforts of operators and terminal brands. Redmi will help accelerate the popularization of 5G smartphones.’

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