Repairing your Corrupted Flash Drive is easier than before, many people use their Pen Drive very roughly, they were plugging that small thing to every once’s computer but unfortunately they don’t know many viruses are getting into their computer which can harm or we may say can destroy their Pen drive Immediately so to put secure and safety your pen drive you have to just follow this:

After that i will guide you that how to repair you corrupted Pen Drive

To Make Your Pen Drive as NTFS:

Right Click on My Computer and Select Manage

(Now don’t say that “how can you select my Computer” LOL)

Then go to Device Manager and then Disk Drives saw you Pendrive? 

Right Click on it and go to Properties select Policies Tab Tick the Better Performance and Click OK

Now all done!

Format your Pen Drive. Go to My Computer and Right Click on the Drive you want to Format as Pendrive and select Format.

Now one Pop-up will appear and then select the drop down menu as NTFS and do not click on Quick Format leave it with out Tick and then click on Start 
That’s it and do not unplug your Pen Drive without using “Safely remove hardware” as eject function.

Now all this were only how to convert you Pendrive or Flash drive into NTFS.

Now come to This: (How to Repair your corrupted Pendrive)

1. Press “Windows Button along with B Button” to open Command Prompt.

2. Simply write on that Black window this “diskpart” without quotes. 

3. Now you will see another window will openup so from now we will work on that only.

4. Now type “ list disk” have your noticed? I have given a space before list disk so do the same.

5. After typing list disk you will see your pendrive listed but you will get confused so for that you can use you sixth sense, how?

See if your Pendrive is 4GB then you will see this: –

Disk 1
Disk 1

The second one is “Disk 1” so you will type “select disk 1”

because it has written 1 on 3915MB with is 4GB

Understood? Comment if Confused!!

6. Then type ” clean”

7. Then type “create partition primary”

8. Then type “active”

9. Now type same as this “select partition 1”

10. Then type this “format fs=ntfs

now wait to complete the process

11. type “exit”

That’s all yo have to do Guys…..

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One thought on “How To Repair Corrupted USB Pen Drive”
  1. Changed the file system from FAT to NTFS and it worked fine.
    To convert FAT to NTFS, right click the drive name of pendrive -> select Format -> File system type select NTFS.
    If NTFS is not available (only FAT is available), then Right click at pen drive -> Click Properties -> Select Hardware tab & click properties -> Goto Policies Tab -> Select Optimise for Performance. Now you should have NTFS in Format menu.
    Hope this helps

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