Who Is Responsible for WannaCry Ransomware AttackWho Is Responsible for 'WannaCry' Ransomware Attack

Responsible For WannaCry: The question arises from Washington that who is the one engaged in the security error. The security error exploited by hackers which damaged many businesses and public organizations in the whole world. The recent cyber attack was the biggest ransomware attack in the globe. The following are some replies from some associations regarding the WannaCry Ransomware Attack.

Due to some security error, the hackers attacked Microsoft Windows, but the National Security Agency has observed this flaws. The intelligence agency of Microsoft says that the Company must have some responsibility for Windows.

Weber said the NSA’s main goal is intelligence. If he was present at the NSA, he would turn the blame to Microsoft. As a reply, they would answer that it is a responsibility to stockpile those influences and utilize them opposite their opponents. Some other parts to blame were the various outmoded software still in employment and weak security systems.

Responsible For WannaCry

Cornell University computer scientist Stephen Wicker criticized “profound ethical lapses” for both the sides of US government as well as the computing society. NSA and CIA soon detected the malware. They kept this malware confidential for their system data protection. In March, Microsoft announced a patch, but many users missed to update the patch in their system. He also complained about expanding the ransomware attack.

The security advisor of President Donald Trump “Tom Bossert” said, the US shouldn’t criticize for the malware spread. He added that the tool is not from NSA for getting security information. The malware tool was due to the vulnerability misuse by the guilty peoples.

From Where The Tool Came In the Hand Of Hackers

Who is Responsible For WannaCry Ransomware Attack?
Who is Responsible For WannaCry Ransomware Attack?

Microsoft told the analysts’ diagnosis that the WannaCry ransomware attack was created to misuse the NSA software. Earlier, the software leaked through an association known as the Shadow Brokers. President Vladimir Putin said that Russia is not a part of the cyber attack in spite of many rumored cyber interference. He further blamed the US intelligence association for making the real software.

James Lewis a cybersecurity specialist said that the blame for malware should head to Moscow. Anyone cannot blame Russia for the malware attack. According to the Russian-sponsored activity, the Russians cannot do hacking in the city itself. The cyber criminals can easily misuse the weakness of security system.

Worrying Situation For The Computer Security

The WannaCry ransomware attack was spread after US President Donald Trump approved a supervisory rule for advanced cybersecurity in the federal government and greater interaction with the hidden quarter.

Weber said that the malware defines the danger of excessive dependence on computer-aided operations, that is not completely reliable. We can see the results of growing digitalization in our society on an unstable manner. The security department should be alert after this severe malware spread.

Weber added that the cyber attacks will force users to avoid digital technology and use the analog systems which is safe. The frequent cyber attacks for security problems will result in the lack of confidence in the digital world.

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