Reuben Paul: On Tuesday, a ‘wonder boy Reuben Paul’ amazed the security experts in a conference. The boy hacked the Bluetooth devices to handle a teddy bear. He demonstrated ‘how interconnected toys can efficiently be weaponized.’ Reuben Paul studies in 5th standard at his school in Austin, Texas.

In a conference, he said that from airplanes to automobiles, from smartphone to smart homes and everything or any toy can play a role of the “Internet of Things (IOT).” A small type of body can travel in a large field at the World Forum in the Hague. He also said, the terminators to teddy bears, any toy can be weaponised.

A 'Wonder Boy Reuben Paul' Amazed The Security Experts With His Hacking Technique
A ‘Wonder Boy Reuben Paul’ Amazed The Security Experts With His Hacking Technique

He used his teddy bear to give an example, that how you can connect to the iCloud via wifi and Bluetooth to send and get the messages. He plugged a rogue device called “raspberry pi” into his laptop using this device Reuben scanned the Bluetooth devices all the members present in the hall and downloaded twelve numbers including that of cyber security members.

Then, he used his bear which includes a computer language program, called Python to hack. Reuben hacked the number by his bear to turn on the data from the audience. The things which we use in our daily life like cars, lights, and refrigerators can be weaponized to harm us or to follow us.

It can be used to get secret information such as passwords to follow on kids. You can also GPS to find a location of a person. Reuben’s father an IT expert “Mano Paul” said, how his six-year boy shared his IT skills during a business call. By getting a short statement from his father, he has quickly solved that it is a similar type of algorithm following the famous video game ‘Angry Birds.’

Paul told, “he was shocked about the helpless creation in the kid’s toy.” After completing the project, he hacked a toy car. Then, he went for the complex hacking. He also added that his kids are playing with time bombs. In future, if come in the hand of some wicked people can misuse these kinds of toys.

Reuben Paul is the youngest American who has become a Shaolin Kung Fu black belt. His family has helped him to introduce his CyberShaolin, a non-profit organization. The main target is to keep the kids and adults alert about the dangers of cyber insecurity. He also added in his statement that manufacturers, security researchers, and the government have to come together for managing cyber vulnerability.

Reuben has planned to study cyber security at CalTech or MIT universities. Leaving his dream behind, he could become an Olympian in gymnastics another sport in which he shines.

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