There was a time when Chinese smartphones were considered as unfaithful, but as the time passed by, things changed and they obviously changed in a better way for the smartphone lovers as the Chinese giants like Xiaomi entered the Indian technology market. Well, this was not delightful news for other smartphone giants like Motorola or Samsung or Apple as the Chinese smartphones were not only cheap but provide great performance as well.

Xiaomi launched the Mi 3 nearly two years ago, and that was the welcome note that went well with the company as the Mi 3 gave Moto G first-generation a run for its money. However, with the launch of the Moto G 3rd generation, it has already helped Motorola to make a comeback in the smartphone market.

Review And War Xiaomi Mi4i V/s Moto G3

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Xiaomi’s Mi4i is a gorgeous looking device and at the same time powerful too. It is like a girl (usually dumb) with brains! Well, that doesn’t mean that Moto G 3rd Generation is a nerd. Moth the cell phones are beautifully crafted and the best part is even after costing so less; they provide a better feel in hands. The Mi4i has an octa-core processor whereas the Moto G has a snapdragon 410 quad-core processor but that doesn’t mean that the Moto G is low on performance.

They both have 2 GB of RAM but the difference is that the Moto G runs on stock Android 5.1 and the Mi4i runs on MiUi which is based on android 5.0. The MiUi is not the best but it at least is not the worst. Well, this is where Moto G scores a point more than the Mi4i but the Mi4i gains back when we compare its mighty full HD 1080 pixel screen to Moto G’s mere 720 Pixel screen. They both have a 13 Mega Pixel rear camera which works just fine in both the cases and a 5 MP front snapper for your gorgeous photographs.

Battery power for the Mi4i is slightly higher as it has got a 3120 MAH battery as compared to Moto G’s 2470 MAH powerhouse. Priced at 12,999 INR they both fall in the same price category range but the wise choice would be Moto G 3rd Generation as it has expandable storage and when we talk of Motorola, they strike us with their customer service which means timely Android updates to all of their devices.

On the other hand, Mi4i, which doesn’t allow you to insert a memory card and when we talk about updates, Xiaomi will be releasing the MiUi 7 which is based on Android Lollipop 5.1 on 24th August 2015 but still it is not as good as the Stock Android Experience.

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