Xiaomi Poco X2 is an amazing smartphone with powerful specs and pocket-friendly price but like all branded phones, it comes with stock Android or similar folked version installed by the manufacturer which works fine out of the box but it’s often locked so if you’re the adventurous type and are considering rooting the device, then this article is for you. Here’s our comprehensive guide to root Poco X2 and install TWRP recovery.

Guide to Root Poco X2

But first be warned: While successful rooting can bring a lot of benefits, it could also result in an unusable device and voided warranty, so proceed with caution and only if you’re sure of executing the process confidently, we will not be liable for any damage you experience as a result of using this information. 

You will require a number of things before you can root your Xiaomi Poco X2.

What’s the bootloader?

The bootloader is a program that boots up your device when you turn it on, it’s a critical component to the proper functioning of your device and many for that matter thus is often stored away in a Read-Only Memory (ROM) to prevent files being corrupted by accident which might render the device un-bootable, under regular use, there’s usually no need to touch the bootloader so this is the only time you’ll find yourself tinkering with it. Just ensure you follow a reliable guide such as this to be on the safe. 

Overview of Poco F2 Rooting

  1. Charge and back-up your device.
  2. Unlock the bootloader with the Mi Unlock tool.
  3. Install TWRP Recovery.
  4. Root the phone and Enjoy.

Unlocking Bootloader of Poco X2


  • Charge Your Phone To At least 60%. The unlock process is not to be interrupted midcourse at all by low battery because that might result in corrupt files.
  • Backup your Android smartphone as the process will delete all your data.
  • Install ADB and Fastboot. Certain commands will need to be executed via the computer.
  • Install correct Xiaomi USB Drivers to your computer. This allows the Xiaomi Poco X2 to be recognized by the computer. You can download it from Xiaomi.
  • Download Mi Unlock Tool. Tool unlocks the bootloader of any Xiaomi device after getting permission from MIUI official website. You can download it at Mi.
  • Enable USB Debugging & OEM Unlock.  This allows your device and laptop to interact via Mi Flash tool. Below is a process of enabling both in your Xiaomi device.

Enable Developer, Debugging and Add Mi Account

  1. Open “Settings” app in your phone, 
  2. Look for the “About Phone” menu and Tap on it
  3. You might see the device build number or software version detail, tap on it multiple times until the confirmation of developer option enabled shows on the screen.
  4. Once you have enabled developer option, go back and tap settings again
  5. Open the “Additional Settings” menu – Developer option
  6. Enable the “USB Debugging” and “OEM unlock
  7. Bind your Mi Account to your Xiaomi Poco X2. Here’s how.
  8. Ensure that you have a Mi Account or register one at the official page.
  9. Insert the SIM card with the same number used to register the Mi account.
  10. Connect to mobile broadband connection and disconnect from WiFi to proceed.
  11. Go to Settings >> Additional Settings >> Developer Options >> Add account and device and log in with your account.
  12. You will be greeted with a message that says “Added successfully. Mi account is associated with this device now.“
  13. Smile and proceed.

IMPORTANT: Do not bind your account repeatedly otherwise you might be temporarily blocked by Mi servers.

Steps Unlock Bootloader with Fastboot: Method A.

  1. Turn off your Xiaomi Poco X2 and boot into the Fastboot mode. Here’s how: 
    – Turn off your smartphone.
    – Press the Volume Down Button + Power Button together until you see the Fastboot logo.
  2. Connect the phone to your PC/Laptop via the USB cable while in Fastboot mode.
  3. Download the Mi Unlock Tool as instructed above in the pre-unlock checklist.
  4. Extract the contents of the zip file and open the miflash_unlock.exe file.
  5. Log-in to the Mi account within the Mi Unlock tool.
  6. The tool will verify whether your phone is eligible for bootloader unlocking.
  7. Once your device is verified, the tool will show “Phone connected“.
  8. Click the “Unlock button” within the tool.
  9. You will be prompted with a new message where you need to click on the “Unlock Anyway” button.
  10. This will start the unlocking process and once the process is concluded, you will get a message that says “Unlocked Successfully.”
  11. 11. Click on the reboot phone button. 
  12. This will reboot your phone on to the OS and you will be greeted by an unlocked bootloader message confirming that the Xiaomi Poco X2 is unlocked.

You can now enjoy the unlocked bootloader on Poco X2.

Install Xiaomi Poco X2 TWRP Recovery

In order to root Poco X2, the user need to install TWRP Recovery.


  • Charge Your Xiaomi Poco X2 battery to at least 60%
  • Connect Phone with Unlocked bootloader to the computer via USB Type-C Cable

Install TWRP Recovery to Poco X2 Device

  1. Download the Xiaomi Poco X2 file and extract it on your computer.
  2. Now turn off your smartphone and press the Volume Down Button + Power Button together until you see the Fastboot logo.
  3. Connect the smartphone using the USB type-c cable to your computer.
  4. On your computer open the extracted Xiaomi Poco X2 TWRP folder and right-click on cmd-here and run as administrator
  5. Type the following command: fastboot flash recovery poco-x2-redmi-k30-twrp-recovery.img
  6. Once you get the “write successfully” message. 
  7. Reboot your Xiaomi Poco X2 to TWRP recovery by pressing the Volume Up + Power button together until you get the vibration.

Nicely done! You successfully installed Xiaomi Poco X2 TWRP custom recovery. Next, we’ll explore how to root your smartphone.

Root Xiaomi Poco X2 

  1. Download the latest Magisk Manager zip file.
  2. Reboot device to the custom recovery menu, aka TWRP 3.3.1. Installed above.
  3. Go to Install and select the file you download and swipe to flash.

That’s it, folks. You have successfully rooted your Xiaomi Poco X2. Now you can enjoy the benefits that come with it. If you have any queries, then let us know via the comments below.

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