Realme has become one among the top brands in India by registering its biggest ever growth in the sub-continent just recently. At this pace, it won’t take so long for the “OPPO spin-off” to kick Samsung out of its podium.

flash twrp realme x2

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Nonetheless, custom developers haven’t yet fully picked up the brand such that only a few Realme devices have got official TWRP support. Among them, fortunately, includes the Realme X2, the mid-range device powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G.

Since the Realme X2 has got official TWRP support, we’ll be making use of it to flash the Magisk later on. Without wasting any more time do check the steps given below.

1. Flash TWRP Recovery on Realme X2

WARNING! Proceed further if and only if you know the risk associated with flashing custom recovery or rooting. We’re not responsible for any damage or data loss that happens to your device on following this procedure. Do this at your own risk!

Fastboot Install Method:


Minimal ADB and Fastboot: Download

Realme X2 Official TWRP: Download

The Latest Magisk: Download

Once the necessary drivers and tools are downloaded and installed it’s time to flash the TWRP via fastboot.

  • On your device, go into Settings -> About and find the Build Number and tap on it 7 times to enable developer settings. Press back and go into Developer Options and enable USB debugging. From your computer, open a command prompt and type:
    adb reboot bootloader
  • You should now be in fastboot mode.
  • Download the correct image file and copy the file into the same folder as your platform-tools. Rename the image to twrp.img and type:
    fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
  • Once the flashing completes, reboot the device.
    fastboot reboot

As a matter of fact, many devices will replace your custom recovery automatically during first boot. To prevent this, the first boot following the TWRP flash should be to the recovery itself. After typing “fastboot reboot, hold the key combo and boot to TWRP. Once TWRP is booted, TWRP will patch the stock ROM to prevent the stock ROM from replacing TWRP. If you don’t follow this step, you will have to likely repeat the install.

2. Root Realme X2 Using Magisk on Realme X2

Once you’re in the TWRP it’s time to flash the Magisk.

  • In TWRP, go to Wipe > Format Data. Enter the keyword ‘yes‘, in the provided space and enter. This will wipe the automatically encrypted filesystem, and decrypt it.
  • Once the wiping is done, reboot back into recovery. Go to Reboot > Recovery.
  • When the recovery boots again, connect your phone to the PC and Enable MTP under the Mount section.
  • Transfer the downloaded to your internal storage.
  • Disconnect the device from PC.
  • Tap on Install from TWRP. Now, navigate your phone’s storage and select ‘Magisk-**.zip’. Finally swipe the ‘Swipe to confirm Flash’ button on the bottom of the screen.LG Stylo 3 Plus TWRP
  • The flashing process will take merely a few seconds. Magisk Zip
  • Wait for 1 to 2 minutes after the zip file is done flashing then reboot to System and that’s it!

Your phone may take 3-5 minutes to boot the first time and it might boot-loop once or twice at the Realme boot logo or splash screen but no need to panic as it’ll eventually boot. To confirm whether your device is rooted, search for the Magisk Manager icon on the app drawer or use a root checker app.

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