Root Redmi Y2

Today, we will learn how to root Redmi Y2 Android smartphone and then install TWRP recovery on it. Rooting is always a risky affair and anything undesired can occur if you lose a bit vigilance. But it is also a simple and cakewalk process, on the other hand, if you follow every step attentively. So, let’s check the whole concept.

Root Redmi Y2

The Chinese technology developer Xiaomi-backed Redmi launched the Android-running Redmi Y2 phone back in May 2018 with SD625 SoC and Android Oreo 8.1 OS. Technically, the device looks sturdy and appealing but falls short in providing some additional features as well.

But the good news is that now we can unlock these hidden prospects of the Redmi Y2 smartphone with some unofficial and home-built customized tools. Further, it allows you to download and install TWRP on Redmi Y2, which further paves the way for custom ROMs, Kernels, Nandroid backups, and more. All the credit goes to an XDA developer, who has developed an unofficial TWRP Recovery for the Redmi Y2 handset.

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Install TWRP Recovery on Redmi Y2 – Steps-by-Step Guide

Without encountering any further ado, let’s quickly move to the central point of discussion. Before you start installing the custom recovery, make sure to soothe some essential prerequisites first.


  1. Make sure you Redmi Y2’s battery is a minimum 70% charged.
  2. Preserve a copy (backup) of your important data. It will be permanently deleted.
  3. Unlock the bootloader of the Redmi Y2 smartphone.
  4. You also need a PC/laptop with Fastboot, ADB and USB Drivers installed on it.
  5. Download TWRP Recovery image latest version for Redmi Y2 and rename it as recovery.img.
  6. Now, move this recovery.img file to the Fast and ADB Driver’s folder in ‘C’ drive.

Steps to install TWRP Recovery on Redmi Y2

  1. Go to the Fastboot and ADB Drivers folder on your PC and open it.
  2. Now, press the SHIFT key + Right Click on the empty area in the folder. Select the ‘Command Window’ or ‘Open PowerShell Window’ option to open the Command Window (CMD).
    adb and fastboot
  3. Further, turn your Redmi Y2 off.
  4. Now, connect your handset with PC/laptop using the USB cable.
  5. Now, press the ‘Volume Down’ + ‘Power Button’ to reboot your device into the Fastboot Mode.
  6. Type the ‘fastboot devices’ in the command window.
  7. Now, enter the ‘fastboot flash recovery.img’ command to install TWRP Recovery.
  8. Once done, reboot your Redmi Y2 phone. For this motive, you can also use the command ‘fastboot reboot recovery.’
  9. That’s all in the TWRP recovery installation process.

Steps to Root Redmi Y2

  1. First of all, download ‘Magisk’ and ‘’ files and store them into your phone’s internal storage.
  2. Create a backup of your crucial data and files.
  3. Now, boot your device into recovery by pressing ‘Volume Up + Power Button’ concurrently.
  4. In the TWRP recovery interface, find the file and select it.
  5. Now, Swipe right to install and flash it.
  6. Now, select the ‘’ file and install it.
  7. Reboot your Redmi Y2 phone.
  8. You have done with the rooting process of the Redmi Y2 smartphone.

You can search for the Magisk app logo in your App Drawer to confirm the rooting process. Moreover, you can also install the Root Checker app to verify the root.

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