There are not many Wi-Fi 6+ capable devices out there in the market. But, things could change in the immediate future as more and more devices incorporate the latest technology. As such, Ruijie Network has come up with its new products supporting the latest Wi-Fi 6+ (IEEE 802.11ax) standard.

Ruijie Network unveiled a total of three new Wi-Fi 6+ routers. One among them is a flagship model: RG-AP890 (AR), and the other two are mid-range and cost-effective models: RG-AP850 (AR) and RG-AP820 (AR), respectively. The flagship model is the first wireless AP designed by the four-radio frequency AI Radio. It adopts a capsule design and has an ultra-dense 18-stream antenna capable of attaining 16.417Gbps speed.

Ruijie WiFi 6 Routers features

4x Improved Performance

As per an official spokesperson, the all-new Wi-Fi 6+ routers by Ruijie has built-in hardware AI dedicated radio frequency module, which is linked with the WIS cloud to improve the wireless experience, wireless security, and data analysis. The four-radio AI Radio design of the routers is claimed to provides an overall improved experience up to 4 times than the existing products. The enhanced experience is courtesy of the combined action of independent, intelligent radio frequency with the wireless AI cloud platform WIS.

Better Security

Moreover, it’s said that AI Radio can not only intelligently protect the Wi-Fi network from eliminating potential safety hazards. But also helps realizes big data monitoring services such as data collection, trajectory positioning, and electronic fences for colleges, commerce, and financial outlets.

As said, there are not too many devices capable of utilizing the latest Wi-Fi 6+ standard. The recently unveiled Huawei P40 Series supports Wi-Fi 6+, and it’s the only mainstream device that can make use of it as of now. The rest of the competitors, such as the latest iPhones and Samsung Galaxy support Wi-Fi 6 but not the 6+. Well, there shouldn’t be much difference in Wi-Fi 6 and 6+ nevertheless.

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