Android operating system has taken over the world from the last couple of years and now there are several applications that let you run Android apps even in window operating system. Soon after Android was out in market its demand raised due to its amazing accessibility and customization features.

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Soon after that people wanted to enjoy Android experience in their personal computers and then there were few virtual emulators launched that will let you run Android on your PC. these emulators were awesome but they needed a medium range of computer with mid-end specs to run these emulators.

And then accessing android became very easy when few extensions were launched for Google’s chrome browser giving us the lite Android experience real-time at chrome browser instantly. Now you can run Android apps in chrome browser by using an extension known as ARC Welder

This extension will allow you to experience Android operating system in your chrome browser in just one click. You need to download and install it and then you’re good to go.

Steps to download, Install and run ARC Welder in chrome.

Step 1. Go to google and search ARC Welder extension for chrome or click here to go to page directly.

Step 2. After you open the page then click Add to chrome button.


Step 3. Now the browser will check the compatibility of the extension and forward you to a pop-up. Click on Add.


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Step 4. After step 3 you will be forwarded to this page, click launch app.


Step 5. Now you need to select the choose option that is available on the tab of Arc welder extension.


Step 6. Now you need to select a folder to keep records.


Step 7. Add any app file and enjoy the Android experience in your Google chrome browser.


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This is the best and easy way to run Android apps in your google chrome browser. There are other extensions out there but they consume more space and have laggy functioning.

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